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Jonathan Weiß, Consultant Web Technologies from Düsseldorf

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Jonathan Weiß
Jonathan Weiß

Consultant Web Technologies

40591 Düsseldorf Freelancer in Germany

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Language skills
German (first language)English (business fluent)

Abilities, knowledge, experiences of Jonathan Weiß

  • I am an expert in Web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • I create the architecture for responsive, scalable and extendable front-ends that respect accessibility and perform great.
  • I believe that RWD is only the beginning and that every device soon will be able to display websites or run web apps.
  • I teach people how to use Web technologies and how to write beautiful code (by using methods like pair programming or code reviews).
  • I mediate between the special department and development by understanding and translating business requirements.

Web Frameworks
  • jQuery
  • qooxdoo (I have worked on qooxdoo as a core developer)
  • jQuery UI
  • Sencha Touch
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Knockout
  • Backbone.js
  • Rulus.Class

  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

Template languages
  • Smarty
  • Handlebars
  • JSP
  • Jade
  • Thymeleaf

Software Development Methods
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Test Driven Development

References of Jonathan Weiß

My most recent projects are listed here. For a complete list, please have a look at my (German) freelancer profile document (PDF format).

Period: 03/2014 to 12/2014 - 9 months
Client: Etengo AG  – http://www.etengo.de
Customer: International Engineering Company
Role in project: Consultant, Developer

Development of frontend components
  • Creation of several new components
    • Implementation of Form Elements which reflect the CI of the customer
    • Creation of a module to validate forms
    • Building a module to display external content by respecting the content height
    • Realization of a module to display Google Maps
    • Implementation of a controller for interactive, dynamic forms
  • Refactoring of a complex component from using a jQuery plugin into a JavaScript package with a clean class hierarchy using Rulus.Class.
  • Refactoring of existing components while maintaining existing functionality
  • Reworking of components considering
    • Coding Guidelines (all languages)
    • Test coverage in JavaScript
    • Visual regression tests
  • Implementation of graphical drafts while considering
    • Requirements of the responsive Design
    • Constraints in legacy browsers
    • Accessibility 
Optimization and improvement of the frontend architecture and build process
  • Introduction of visual regression tests using PhantomCSS
  • Further development of the existing coding standards
Documentation and coaching
  • Coaching about how to do cross device testing and debugging
  • Workshop about how to do visual regression testing
  • Creation of class diagrams and activity diagrams that display the new component for dynamic forms
Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, CSSModal, pickadate.js, git, JSON, grunt, bower, requireJS, PhantomJS, PhantomCSS, istanbul, jshint, scsslint, Confluence, JIRA, git, Selenium, Thymeleaf

Period: 01/2014 to 2/2014 - 2 months
Client: Sapient GmbH, Köln – http://www.sapient.com/de-de/sapientnitro.html
Customer: Italian eyewear brand
Role in project: Developer, coach

Further development of a responsive e-commerce frontend
  • Refactoring of existing UI modules
  • Implementation of jQuery plugins and page controllers
  • Support and coaching of the off-shore developers
  • Adjusting and extension of automated UI regression tests
Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, XML, SVN, JSON, PhantomJS, JSP

Period: 07/2012 to 12/2013 — 6 months
Client: Tourismussuite GmbH, Neuss – http://www.tourismussuite.com
Customer: International hotel chain
Role in project: Architect and developer

Optimization and refactoring of an existing frontend architecture
  • Definition of success factors for a successful refactoring with the stakeholders
  • Analysis of the frontend processes, project structure and data models
  • Measurement of the frontend performance using defined key figures
  • SWOT-Analysis of the existing architecture by code inspection and interviews with project stakeholders
  • Documentation of the outcome in the enterprise wiki
  • Building a draft for the new frontend architecture and creating a strategy for continuous improvement
  • Coaching of the developers who participate in the implementation
Implementation of sub-projects
  • Refactoring and extending a booking process
  • Initiation of JavaScript modules using AMD and transfer of all libraries into modules
  • Automation of the build and deployment jobs using Grunt
  • Modernization and update of a hybrid mobile app to use PhoneGap 3
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Knockout, RequireJS, jsDuck, jQuery, jQuery UI Grunt, JRIA, Graphviz, git, XML, REST webservices, JSP, JSON

Location flexibility of Jonathan Weiß

Preferred in the region Rhein-Ruhr - but generally I am able to work in every part of Germany and parts of Switzerland.