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IBM Qradar, Project Manager, SCCM, Service Delivery Manager, Operation Manager, Change Manager

Profileimage by Olaf Seitz IBM Qradar, Project Manager, SCCM, Service Delivery Manager, Operation Manager, Change Manager from BirminghamMuenchen
  • B23 6BJ Birmingham / München Freelancer in
  • Graduation: Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH)
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
    Depends on duration location and project description. Please ask.
  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 11.06.2019
Profileimage by Olaf Seitz IBM Qradar, Project Manager, SCCM, Service Delivery Manager, Operation Manager, Change Manager from BirminghamMuenchen
IBM Qradar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM),
IMAC Management,
Transition Management, Outsourcing,
Project management,
Team Lead, international teams,
Operation Management 24/7 worldwide,
Commissioning Manager,
Application Manager,
SCCM Software and Operating System deployment,
Change Management in a distributed environment over group of companies
Audit preliminary,
Service Management ITIL V2, V3,
Service Delivery Management,
Quality Assurance,
Company Roll out,
Company RunDown,
eBusiness, E-Commerce,
2019 - running
Firma/Institut:  - BWI IT, IT of Bundeswehr Federal Republic of Germany, Strausberg
- über 4.000 MA,
Project: - Network security monitoring with IBM Qradar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

2018 - 2018
Company:  - weltweites Chemieunternehmen (DAX), BASF S.A. Ludwigshafen
Project: - Transition Project
- IMAC Management
- Creation and conversion of standard changes into IMACs
- transition of IT services to an international external service provider

05/2018 - 05/2018
Company: - LEAG Cottbus
Project: - Team lead preparation, detail planning and handover of package assembling process to an external provider in a carve out project

10/2017 - 11/2017
Company: - DAX-Konzern, BASF S.A. Ludwigshafen
Project: - Interim Rollout Manager
- Rollout Management
- technical rollout planning worldwide
- Stakeholder management worldwide

12/2016 - 09/2017
Company: - Janz IT / ACP IT Solutions Hamburg
Project: - Setup patch management in dedicated customer environment with WSUS
- Asset management
- Definition maintenance windows and maintenance planning, time scheduling of update rollouts
- Stakeholder management
- Update management Critical- and Security-Updates

09/2016 – 10/2016
Company: - Goodyear Hanau
Project: - Windows 10 rollout preparation
- Windows 10 client definition
- Definition of packaging docs, packaging preparation
- Problem Tickets with international supporter

09/2015 – 02/2016
Company:  - BMW AG, Munich
Project:  - Service Delivery Manager 24/7 worldwide
- Team Lead Operation (5 staff member)
- Operation manager After Sales Server
- Manager in charge Application
- Ticket handling 24/7 worldwide, 1st. & 2nd Level, handling  and solution of Problem and High Prio tickets
- Organization of Status Meetings, creation and presentation of status  reports
- Organization of High Priority Meetings
- Change Management
- Service outsourcing to India
09/2014 – 08/2015
Company:  - BMW AG, Munich
Project:  - Implementation Manager Server After Sales Server
- Server application rollout and commissioning 170 server worldwide
- Creation od Backup Concept, Monitoring Concept, Support Concept
- Set-up of Backup
- Set-up of Monitoring
- System administration
- Set-up and monitoring automatically software updates

09/2013 – 03/2014
Company:  - FOITT - Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication, Bern, Switzerland
Project:  - Consulting and Operation SCCM
- Administration SCCM 2012
- Administration of an client environment Windows 7 over several subsidiaries
- Client administration, troubleshooting, ticket treatment with ticket system REMEDY
- Rollout of security software
- Implementation of a public key infrastructure (Two-factor authentication with Smartcards , encoding, authentication, digital signature)
- Business Consulting: Process and structural improvement
- Process optimization workflow, Analysis optimization potential of workplace operation

10/2012 - 06/2013
Company:  - TÜV Süd AG, Munich
Project:  - Consulting and Operation SCCM
- Migration SCCM 2007 to 2012
- Administration SCCM 2007 and 2012
- Administration of an mixed client environment Windows XP / Windows 7
- Migration MS Office 2010 to MS Office 2013
- Consolidation of an untended Java environment to the newest version
- System administration
- Client administration, ticket handling, troubleshooting
- Packaging and Rollout of SCCM-packages

09/2012 - 03/2013
Company:  - American Startup in the virtualization business
Project:  - Testing, usability testing and launch of a cloud-assisted virtualization solution for immediate, installation-free deployment of virtualized packages
- Cooperation with the Area Manager D-A-CH and the American developer team
- Installation of an virtualized environment with VMWare 5.x

08/2011 – 12/2011
Company:  - Draeger AG, multinational group with over 100 sub companies, Medical Engineering,
- over  11.000 employees
Project: -Win7 Readiness / Ongoing delivery / SCCM
- Quality Assurance for the packaged software
- Package assignment with Active Directory
- Rollout of packaged software with SCCM
- Development of SCCM collections and task sequences
- Rollout of operating systems with SCCM
Environment: - Active Directory, SCCM 2007

03/2011 - 07/2011
Company:  - BASF SA, multinational chemical company (DAX), Ludwigshafen
- over 110.000 employees,
Project: - GPS III – European Application Recertification (Global PC Standardization), following project of GPSII in 2006 / 2007
- Quality Assurance of packaged software, multilingual environment
- Repair of software packages
- Preparation / adjustment of MSI packages for rollout
- Scripting of packages with VBS - Visual Basic Script and XML.
- Package assignment with Active Directory
Environment: Wise Package Studio, Active Directory, LanDesk

06/2009 - 03/2011
Company:  - Public Project of Federal Government and two multinational Companies
- 2800 employees, project volume ca. 7 billion. Eur., biggest European PPP-Project (Public Private Partnership), BWI IT
Project:  - „Hercules“ of German Federal Armed Forces, Change Management for a nationwide IT infrastructure across multiple companies
- Cooperation with service management and release management
- Distributed data centres, network structures, nationwide distributed service structures
- Change management in a distributed environment over group of companies;
- Reporting of Changes
- Change classification, development of an classification matrix
- Development of automated communication templates for change handling
- Change Management between group of service companies and the customer (project owner, stakeholder)
- Preliminary for Audit ISO 20000/2008
Environment: IBM Maximo, MS Sharepoint

06/2008 – 12/2008,
Company:  - IBM Suisse, Lausanne, Switzerland
- world’s leading IT, software and consulting company
- over 380.000 employees, over 40 ESX-Server in Lausanne, Switzerland
Project:  - Transition-Project
- Audit Readiness for Transition & Transformation of Unicible IT Services to IBM Suisse,
- Project management installation VDI servers,
- Managing equipment installers and suppliers,
- Implementing of IBM IT security standards ISeC and ITCS104
- Connection and transfer of acquired Swiss bank data center in the IBM network;
- Security Compliance of ESX-environment with current IBM standards ITCS104, ISeC und GSD331.
Environment: - VMWare ESX-Server, VMWare Desktop Infrastructure, ARS (Remedy), IBM SSCT (Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool) for IBM Server and Blade Center, Lotus Notes, Notes TeamRoom
Standards: - IBM-Standards ITCS104, ISeC and GSD331

Company:  - tecis AG, Hamburg, Germany
Project:  - Data collection, inventory und analysis of an environment of 24 from 31 servers for virtualization with Platespin PowerRecon;
- Creation of virtualization scenarios for this environment on the base of different machines
Environment: - VMWare ESX-Server, Virtual Infrastructure, Platespin PowerRecon,

2006 – 2007
Company:  - BASF AG, multinational chemical company (DAX), Ludwigshafen
- over 110.000 employees;
Project:  - worldwide software rollout;
- Worldwide Rollout of Windows XP and application software with new hardware
- Evaluation of software in different languages and proceedings with worldwide software owner
- Evaluation of software in different languages according to the group standards
- Quality Assurance for packaged software in different languages, Local Verification of Software, First Check, Back Check, Adjustment and repair of software packages
- Setup of virtual test centres with VMware Server and Netviewer Enterprise Server
- Netviewer Enterprise Server administration on site and remote
- Package handling with Altiris SVS (Software Virtualization Solution)
- Responsibility for Remote Testing;
- Implementation and administration Remote Test Server (Netviewer Enterprise);
- Remote connection of USB test equipment to the virtual test environment;

Company:  - European business consultancy
Project:  - Installation of VMWare Infrastructure 3 Standard and Enterprise with ESX-Server 3.0, VirtualCenter2;
- Workshops VMWare Infrastructure 3, (installation, configuration, handling);
Environment: - VMWare ESX-Server, Virtual Infrastructure,

Company:  - worldwide company of tool industry, Landshut
- worldwide 11 production sites, Sales in over 100 contries;
Project:  - Installation VMWare Infrastructure 3 Standard and Enterprise with ESX-Server 3.0, VirtualCenter2;
- Workshops VMWare Infrastructure 3, (installation, configuration, handling);
Environment: - VMWare ESX-Server, Virtual Infrastructure, Dell multi-processor server

Company:  - worldwide company of tool industry, Hamburg
- over 1.000 employees, worldwide production sites in 12 countries;
Project:  - System configuration and resource management of ESX3 server, user administration, P2V- und V2V-consolidation of  der existing server;
Environment: - VMWare ESX-Server, Virtual Infrastructure.

2004 - 2012, Seitz.IT, self-employed
- Project website development with CMS lawyer’s office;
- Project website development with CMS retail sales;
- Lecturer for curses "Information Technology";
- Computer service for SMEs and private customers;
- own project: VMWare client virtualization, Beta testing VMWare ESX-Server, server consolidation, On-the-fly-Virtualization of physical server (relocation to virtual server during operation with minimal downtime in a time scale of seconds; backup of virtual machines during operation without shutdown.
- Several projects with different themes for several customer: FTP server with user administration, firewalls, VOIP installation; DSL, cable modem, router, WLAN; WLAN-Security etc.;
- Customer care presales  and post sales;
- Consulting eCommerce;
- Customer: Lawyer’s office, Car Workshop, Hotel, Medical Publisher, Tax Accountant, retailer

2001 – 2004
Company:  - Advance Bank AG / Advance Holding AG, Munich  / Wilhelmshaven
- over  400 employees, 2 headquarters, over 60 subsidiaries
Project:  - Service-Management (Provider Controlling);
- Project: - Building a nationwide distributed corporate structure (over 60 subsidiaries);
- nationwide distributed IT rollout;
- Service management / provider management;
- SLA management;
- Business Consulting, process definition;
- Asset management;
- Coordination change management;
- Troubleshooting;
- Management for the software rollout;
- Coordination of software testing for launch;
- Operational and support concept for mobile enterprise employees;
- IT Run Down of these  nationwide distributed IT structure at the closing of this bank;
- Liquidation of nationwide distributed assets;
- audit-proof archiving of data and technology;

2000 –2001
Company:  - Kirch New Media AG, Munich
Project:  - Technical Product Manager, Consultant for eCommerce and user tracking;
- Development of an Media Portal: MAXDOME;
- Requirements analysis  of departments for an shopping portal;
- Coordination of requirements for the development department;
- Evaluation of eCommerce engine for Media Portal;
- Evaluation software supplier;
- Software architectural model  for integration in the portal system;
- Hardware- architectural model  for integration in the IT structure;
- Analysis portal environment und Integration IVW standard (media planning);
- Usability tests for Website-Navigation;
- User tracking, Data extraction of Server log files;
- Requirements analysis based on use cases;

1998 – 2001
Company:  - E-Com Factory Berlin, Munich, own company, 5 employees
- Independent company formation, owner, manager;
- Project manager, service manager;
- business management, planning and execution;
- Development Online Shopping Mall with Intershop;
- eCommerce projects for several business customer;
- Network design, Linux mail server and Linux firewall;
- Web programming (HTML, JavaScript);
- Webdesign (Photoshop);
- System administration;
- Marketing, customer care Presales and Post sales;
- Budget responsibility;
- Five direct reports;

1996 – 1998
Company:  - Computer System House (permanent position)
- Product manager, sales manager;
- Requirements analysis, planning, procurement and sales of active and passive network components for new development of an company network;
- Set-up of network structure with provider controlling of subcontractors, project management, service management;
- Building of own client base; Customer care;
- Procurement / purchasing / sales / installation of hard- and software;
- Requirements analysis and realization of an Hierarchical Storage Management System for Hierarchical File Storage with online access using a storage robot and optical jukeboxes;
- Requirements analysis, development, planning, bid proposal management for a backup system for a medium-sized company network (250 employees) for time critical backup;
- Development and realization of test scenarios and benchmark tests for performance optimization for desktop workstations, measurement of the performance enhancement,
- Development of  work processing sheets for upgrading of existing customer hardware (110 desktop workstations);
- Conception, organization and realization of exhibitions, in-house exhibitions, trade fair (Subject data protection / privacy protection with selection of lecturers);

1994 – 1996
Company:  - agency of urban planning (permanent position)
- CAD-engineer;
- Administration AutoCAD;
- Staff member coaching AutoCAD;
- Coordination data exchange with architects;
- Installation and maintenance of heat calculation programs;
- Integration and maintenance of an heating design program in AutoCAD with creation of order records;

1993 – 1994
Company:  - Production site for production of accessories for household goods producers (permanent position)
- Sales manager;
- Building of own client base; Customer care;
- Procurement and purchasing of assembly parts, supplier management;

1983 – 1988
Company:  - Mechanical and plant engineering (permanent position)
- Toolmaker;
- tool design and construction;
- Make of special machines and plants for lighting industry and beverage industry;
I'm available for fulltime projects worldwide. Berlin preferred.
Seminare "Administering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager”, "Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager"
Zertifikat "ITIL Foundation V3"
Seminar "Project management according to PMI"
Seminar "VMware ESX Server"
Zertifikat "SAP Consultant FI/CO SAP R/3 Rel. 4.7"
Zertifikat "ASDIS Professional", "ASDIS Administrator", "ASDIS Distribution Manager"
Zertifikat "Intershop Solution Provider"
Zertifikat "HSM - Hierarchical Storage Management"
Zertifikat "Storage - Legato Networker"
Zertifikat "Network engineer"

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