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HP ALM and Functional Testing consultant

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  • Last update: 11.08.2017
Profileimage by Edgar Carrizales HP ALM and Functional Testing consultant from
Detailed experience in former projects as a Testing Consultant

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  • HP Testing Tools Specialist: Unified Functional Testing 12.x (formely HP Quick Test Professional); HP ALM 11.x and 12.x (formerly HP Quality Center).
  • ERP/CRM Functional Validation using HP Testing tools.
  • SAP Solution Manager Adapter basic installation and configuration
  • SAP TAO (1.0.x to 3.x versions) and Siebel accelerators solutions.
  • ERP/CRM Packages: Siebel 7.x; SAP R/3 Frontend 7.x (Experience working with MM, SD, WM)
  • Programming Languages: C++, VBScript, Expect - TCL/TK, Java and C# fundamentals.
  • Selenium Webdriver with JUnit and TestNG tools
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 and newer, Windows Server 2008 and newer, Linux (SuSE, Red Hat and Debian-based distributions).
  • Other: Cisco Certified Networking Academy, VMWare Server experience, SQL Developer, SQL*PLus, Oracle 11g fundamentals, WinSCP, PuTTY, SAP TAO custom components development, SOASTA fundamentals, fundamentals of shell scripting, HP ALM OTA/Site Admin/ REST APIs scripting.
JP Morgan Chase                                                                                                                                                          7 months
HP ALM 11.00 Upgrade to HP ALM 12.21                                                                                 HP ALM Specialist
  • Provide assistance/guidance in the implementation of the Upgrade Project Plan
  • Troubleshoot workflow customization issues
  • Support for the ALM Business Users
  • Provide guidance in the database and repository transfer strategies
  • Validate the proposed ALM 12 Standards implementation of permissions and processes
  • Assist in the UAT testing of the newly installed ALM 12.x instances
  • Create linux shell scripts and Site Admin/OTA macros to automate the activities involved in the ALM Upgrade effort.
By automating the activities involved in the upgrade to ALM 12.x, the time the ALM Site Administrator required to perform all activities was reduced drastically by 60%, also, this automation initiative reduced typo errors and took care of tedious, repetitive tasks such as editing files or user interaction. Also, best practices such as project maintenance, documentation guidelines and processes were started to be implemented product of the proven ALM experience.
Treehouse Foods, Chicago, IL                                                                                                                               4 months
HP QC 10 upgrade to HP ALM 11.52                                                                                              HP ALM Specialist
  • Document the access (URLs, credentials) to Source (QC 10) and Target (ALM 11.52) servers
  • Create a project plan and schedule for the upgrade of the QC 10 projects
  • Validate the upgrade process by doing sanity tests
  • Coordinate with database administrator and HP Support Engineers for data backups troubleshooting.
                 There was a previous attempt to migrate the QC 10 projects by another team of consultants that was not completed due to an issue with a crucial project that required more time than allotted. Working in cooperation with the HP Support Engineers for around 3 weeks, a fix was found and the upgrade was successfully completed.
Anadarko, Houston, TX                                                                                                                                             8 months
SAP TAO 2.0.7 Automation                                                                                                            SAP TAO Specialist
  • Define functional test strategy for SAP new release
  • Provide guidelines to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) when documenting test cases
  • Test cases validation
  • Automation of test cases with SAP TAO
  • Execution of automated test cases and documentation for sign-off
  • Provide assistance to Subject Matter Experts to execute the automated test cases
  • SAP TAO custom components creation and/or enhancement
Baker Hughes, Houston, TX                                                                                                                  6 months
Quality Center 9.2 project upgrade to HP ALM 11                                              Quality Center Specialist
  • Define a project upgrade priority list and schedule
  • Upgrade and troubleshoot projects to HP ALM 11
  • Upgrade QTP test assets for QTP-related projects.
  • Assist the Baker Hughes testing team in the SAP TAO upgrade and HP Performance Center installation
Cargill, Minneapolis, MN                                                                                                                                        3 months
HP Application LifeCycle Management support                                                               Support Engineer
  • Provide support to HP ALM users.
  • Review HP ALM servers’ logs and create anaylsis based on the data provided by the logs.
  • Monitor QC Sense behavior to further pinpoint problems in the HP ALM servers.
SaskPower, Electricity Corporation, Regina, SK, Canada                                                                    15 months Regression Testing for Maintenance Cycles                                                             Automation Engineer
  • Regression testing for SAP TAO – automated business processes.
  • Update data, debug and rerun test scripts.
  • Document the maintenance cycle execution by providing logs and video recordings.
OG & E, Energy Industry, Oklahoma, OK                                                                                                         9 months
Business Processes Automation with SAP TAO 2.0.4                                                                  Test Engineer
  • Business processes validation for client’s Functional Analysts
  • Business process automation by using SAP TAO
Idexx Laboratories, Veterinary Industry, Westbrook, Maine                                                         8 Months
Upgrade to QC 10.0, QTP 10.0 and SAP TAO 1.0.11                                   Quality Center Consultant                                                                                                          
  • Upgrade Quality Center server and projects from version 9.2 to 10.0
  • Perform a test asset upgrade for the projects migrated from QC 9.2 to 10.0
  • Upgrade Quick Test Professional (QTP) to QTP 10.0
  • Upgrade SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO) from to 1.0.11
SaskPower, Electricity Corporation, Regina, SK, Canada                                                   12 months
SAP Test Automation and Optimization implementation                                                   Technical Lead
  • Installation and configuration of HP Quality Center 10.0, Quick Test Professional 10.0, SAP TAO 2.0.3 and SAP Solution Manager Adapter.
  • Prepare and troubleshoot remote access for an offshore automation team.
  • Define automation guidelines, folder structure in Quality Center as well as naming conventions required for the automation of test scripts.
  • Review test scenarios for automation and provide guidelines to SaskPower’s Business Analysts to rework the scenarios where needed.
  • Coordinate the offshore team for the remote access tests and functional issues found during automation.
  • Prepare the hardware and software requirements to deliver training to SaskPower functional analysts.
In coordination with SaskPower’s resources, Edgar configured the tools involved in automation, defined strategies for the offshore automation as well as for folder structure in Quality Center and naming conventions. He also provided SaskPower’s functional analysts with guidelines to improve the documentation of test scenarios.
Servicio de Administración Tributaria, Mexico City, MX                                                                   12 months
Quality Center Administration                                                                                                                                 Administrator
  • User Management
  • Project entities management
  • Workflow design and customization
  • Tests and Test scenarios management
  • Processes documentation (for the aforementioned items)
  • Report definition and generation
  • Project Customization
  • Support for Quality Center users
  • Project migration into a newer hardware infrastructure
Besides project customization and support, Edgar managed to coordinate a team in order to migrate Quality Center projects, he had to request IP access to the new server, export, import and validate the information in the new server, as well as document the whole process from strategy to implementation. He showed commitment and always following an on-time schedule.
Schneider Electric, Paris, France                                                                                                                               17 months
Automation/SAP Accelerators                                                                                                                                             Test Engineer    
  • Business process refinement in collaboration with SAP consultants
  • Business process automation by using QTP and accelerators technology
  • Provide accelerators technology knowledge transfer for India-based SAP consultants and test engineers.
Edgar contributed to complete the first phase of this functional validation project, the biggest one of its kind in Europe for FocusFrame. He had the chance to work side by side with Business Analysts and SAP consultants to improve the quality in the client’s business processes and also increased his SAP experience as well as the refinement of the abilities related to Accelerators technology.

Additional projects:
  • Test Leader. Findlay, OH. Marathon Petroleum Co.
  • Test Leader. Naperville, IL. Eby Brown
  • Solutions Architect. Detroit, MI. General Motors
  • Test Leader. Concord, California. - Chevron
  • Test Leader. Paris, France. – Schneider
  • Test Engineer – Corning Co.
  • Test Engineer. Saint Louis, Missouri. - Anheuser Busch
  • Test Engineer. Ridgefield, Connecticut. – Boehringer Ingelheim