Michael Bieber not available until 05/01/2018

Michael Bieber

Software Development & Architecture for the Technological Sector

not available until 05/01/2018
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  • 01326 Dresden Freelancer in Germany
  • Graduation: Mathematician (Diplom)
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: German (first language) | English (business fluent)
  • Last update: 14.11.2017

* 20 years of experience in german and international projects of different size as senior developer and technical lead

* Significant know-how in mathematics, C++ (preferred), Python, C# development for the technical sector: avionics, naval systems, power plants, GIS, measuring instruments, fire protection and more

* Particular interest in 3D graphics, image processing, computer vision


Work History

2016 - 2017
Customizing of mid-range CAD Software

Keywords: CAD, Process Automation, (Robotics)

Technologies: C++,  XML, Qt

2016 -
Automotive corporation
3D Visualization Software

Keywords: Raytracing, Photorealistic Rendering, CAD, Product & Manufacturing Information

Technologies: C++, Python, Qt, Boost, OpenInventor, Intel Embree

2016 -
Object Detection in Video Streams

Keywords: Machine Learning, Neural Networks (LSTM, RNN, RBF), Object Detection, Movement Pattern Recognition, Crowd Analysis, classical Feature Detection/Description

Technologies: Python, C++, OpenCV, Keras, Theano

Laser Scanning Software

Point cloud data handling, Out-of-core (OOC) techniques, hierarchical LOD's, 3D visualization

Technologies:C++, Qt, OpenGL, GLSL, OGRE, OpenCV

Defence company
Naval Communication System

Scripting assistance for significant existing C++/Qt application. Scripting C++ components, debugging support, class browser for identifying C++ entities buried in code, GUI programming
Technologies:    C++, Qt, QML, Python

2013 – 2014
Defence company
3D Small Arm Trainer (Simulator)

Design/Implementation Video Capturing & Serialization, Data Encryption and more. Modifying commercial game engine source code (CryEngine).  
Technologies:    C++, C#, Lua, DirectX 11

2010 – 2013
Measuring instruments producer
WPF Thermal Video Module for infrared imaging solution

Design and Implementation of video acquisition and serialization and camera hardware control. Providing customer API
Technologies:    C++, C#, WPF, DirectX, .NET Interop (C++/CLI), non-trivial multi-threading, COM  (Shell Extensions, WIC), OpenGL, ffmpeg, OpenCV, Boost

Leading US fire protection corporation
3D Visualization of Piping Systems

Technologies:    DirectX (Direct3D), COM, ATL, C++, C#, COM/.NET Interop

2007 – 2009
Helicopter Navigation System

Porting mid-sized application from Linux to Windows (preserving common code base). Integration of Jeppesen avionics databases + visualization (custom-built OpenGL backend). Visualization of advanced military airspace ensembles. Adding hardware-accelerated real-time intervisibility algorithms. Introducing qmake-based build system
Technologies:    C++, OpenGL, GPU programming (Cg,  GLSL), x86 Assembler (SIMD)

2005 – 2008
Multinational energy company
QA & Design System for Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

Complete conception, design and implementation
Technologies:    C++, Python, XML, Fortran, UML,  Qt,  PyQt,  SQL, HDF5, Basic Grid Computing  (torque),  

2004 – 2005
Leading US fire protection corporation
Proprietary CAD Application

Training (C++, Qt); Software and algorithmic design; Implementation of 3D routines and core algorithms; Technical planning and coordination
Technologies:    C++, OpenGL, Qt, Python, SQL

2004 – 2005
Software Manufacturer
Qt’s Paintengine backend

Design and Implementation

Technology company
Feasibility study: OCR system

Technologies:    XML, UML, ERD, C++

2001 – 2003
International electronics group
Remote Control of Radio Receiver Network

Developing Spectrum Monitoring Software, GUI programming (Qt), Multithreading and Network Programming for distributed applications in heterogeneous environments (mixed TCP/IP / IEC-BUS networks), driver software with high degree of hardware programming.

Technologies:    C++, TCP/IP, IEC-BUS, XML, UML, Boost

Material research instruments
Graph-based Support Library

Design and development of a helper library for X-ray fluorescence software in C++

1999 – 2000  
Automatic Image Segmentation

Nontrivial topics: medieval fonts and mathematical formulas, neural net based OCR. From a programmers point of view: C++ with heavily used template based techniques
Technologies:    C++, Qt, gtk

1998 –  1999
Company defunct.
Evaluation of Aerial Images

Wavelet compression, Handling of large data sets, Superresolution algorithms
Technologies:    C++, Qt, gtk

1997 –  1998
Ceramical Surface Error Detection

Image acquisition (linescan cameras) and implementation of non-classic (neural network) and classic image processing algorithms on PC/PIC based hardware platforms
Technologies:    C++, Qt, gtk


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