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main capabilities
- requirement analysis and design development
- project coordination and integration
- object oriented and design pattern based SW-development
- internet/intranet solutions on base of webservice technologies (LAMP, Spring, .Net/ASP)
- full 3-layer applications (database, app-server, client)
- QA-methods (documentation, version mgmt., error tracking, test and build automatisation)
- installation, get into operation and training

programming languages
- C/C++, STL
- Java, Swing/AWT, JSP, Spring, J2EE
- IDL, CORBA, RMI, J2EE (Apache Tomcat)
- SQL, ODBC, JDBC, Hibernate
- HTML, CSS, XML/XSL, Javascript,
- PHP, JSP, VB/VBA, shell, sed, awk

operating systems, databases
- Windows 200X, XP, Server, Windows7/10
- Sun Solaris >2.6 + Linux(Suse, KDE)
- mySQL
- MS SQL Server
- Oracle DB

Networking / Communication :
- diverse Bus-systems: Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, OPC, CAN

tools, methods
- Visio, Together, Rational Rose, Powerdesigner
- Eclipse, MS-Visual-Studio, Borland Builder, Sun-Studio
- MS Office, OpenOffice, MS Projekt, Docbook, Doxygen
- Clearcase, Subversion, Ant, Maven
- Clearquest, CMSuite, Bugzilla, Wiki's
- Vectorcast, JUnit, NUnit, CppTest

special skills
- Embedded Controllersystems NXP Cortex M3 / M4
- Process leading system Experion PKS (Honeywell) with PMD
- Process leading system 800xA ABB with Controller AC800M
- production control professional printing
- Mobile telekommunication networks 2G/3G (Siemens)
- Textanalysis / -processing (CQP)
- Payment- und accounting models/systems
- Cryptographic infrastructure (PKI, smartcards, SSL, HBCI, Trustcenter)
SanDiego , 11/15-12/18, Seleon GmbH / Zeiss-Meditec
- Developement of new module in a medical device for human-healthcare. Embedded controller NXP Cortex M4 with about  20 sensors and actors for sequence control and regulation of pressures and flows.
- Highest requirements in safety and test coverage.
- Devoloped in C-language with use of enterprise-given infrastukture consisting of libraries and tools.
- Teamsize ca. 10 MA (complete device)
- applied technologies: Keils µVision, Vectorcast, Lint, Subversion, Doxygen. Protocols: SPI, I2C, CAN 

Mod-5 Migration , 07/14-10/15, Stadler + Schaaf / Trinseo (DOW-Chemicals)
- Continue project Quadriga from 2011.
- Process Control System for chemical plant for production of rubber (for tyres).
- Creation of application for replace of old technologies (Mod-5) in existing plant.
- Volume: ca. 20 displays / 300 single signals (IO)
- Teamsize 10 MA.
- applied technologies: System ABB 800xA with Controller AC800M, SPSPlusWIN, Modbus Tracker

Energy Storage , 08/11-10/12 , Alpha (Bilfinger-GreyLogix) / RWE
- Process Control System of a new plant for compression and drying of natural gas.
- Integration of many package units and interfaces to existing plant systems.
- Volume: ca. 50 pages / 12000 single signals (IO)
- Managing the technical check (TÜV) for the safety system ESD, Training and Documentation.
- applied Technologien: System ABB 800xA with Controller AC800M.

Quadriga , 02/11-09/11 , Alpha (Funkwerk) / Styron (DOW-Chemicals)
- Process Control System for chemical plant for production of rubber (for tyres).
- Creation of application for new plant and partly replace of old technologies in old plant.
- Volume: ca. 50 pages / 2000 single signals (IO)
- Teamsize 10 MA.
- applied Technologien: System ABB 800xA with Controller AC800M.

EnnoEnEV Planningtool , 12/10-03/11 , Ennovatis
- Planningtool for Construction/Renovation of Buildings to create energy (thermical) balances and assets/reports for government as a Windows client application for endusers and consultants.
- conversion from MS-Visual-C 6.0 to MS-VisualStudio-2008-SP1 (C++).
- replace of outdated controls by new ones from the current MFC (feature pack)
- no Team, however support in testing and integration, decentral organization with the prinzipal center of dev.
direct contract with fixed volume and guarantee
- applied technologies: C++, MS-VS2008-SP1, MFC-FeaturePack, TeeChart, Subversion, and: VB, OCX, TLB, OLB

Prozess Control System SMAGP , 09/08-10/10 , Alpha / Honeywell
- creation of a Process Control System for a natural gas -exploition and -treatment plant nearby Homs/Syria.
- volume: appr. 150 pages / 5000 single signals (IO) on appr. 1km2 plant space
- system integration of about 15 Package Units (subsystems of diverse international manufacturers).
- in place responsiblity for the project and leading of colleges (teamsize 2-3 ingeneers).
- applied technologies: Honeywell Experion, PMD-Controller, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, SMAR

Shoppingportal , 11/08-12/09 , Wald 1.1 GmbH / honorary (pro bobo)
- a non-profit platform with the goal of clima-protection extension by a shop to market forrest areas and some back office application for it
- team of 4 developers, decentral organisation
- applied technologies: Java/Spring, Hibernate, MySql, Maven, JUnitTest, Subversion, Jira.

Produktion Control OIS , 10/07-08/08 , Metis / Koebcke
- creation of a 3-tier application to support of the physical printing produktion of books (single orders).
- take in and interpretation of XML orders
- order tracking with scanner stations, printing contol with HP Indigo
- extensive accounting and reporting modul
- applied technologies: Eclipse, Java, JSP, Spring, mySql, Birtviewer, Maven, Subversion

Booking Portal , 04/07-12/07 , esciptum / gomio
- Extension of an established booking portal for hotels/hostels by multi language and multi currency, and extensive back office application for this.
- applied technologies: MS-Visual-Studio with ASPX, .Net/C# und MS-Sql-Server.

Koala Search Engine , 01/02-04/08 Metis / Brockhaus
- a redactional text-analysis application (3-layer)
- Server as Java/RMI running on Linux
- GUI in Java/Swing with 4 principal dialog pages running on Linux, Solaris and Windows
- integration of mySQL as DB and CQP(Brockhaus/Uni Karlsruhe) as a text prozessor.
- derive documents in HTML, XML, PDF with XSLT (Xerces) and FOP
- partly teamwork with two further developers
- applied technologies: Java, RMI, Swing, JDBC, MySql, Ant, CVS, Bugzilla

Operating/Maintenance Tool Set (OTS) for GSM/UMTS , 02/02-03/06 , Siemens / Vodafone / T-Mobile
- implementation of a CORBA Service according to a given IDL on base Solaris 8 in Orbix and Tao
- implementation of an engine for generation of command sequences to be processed in the Radio Commander
- various projects with this engine for GSM/UMTS netelements (BSC, SMLC, RNC, NODEB2)
- coworking on standard MCCM (Mobile Common Configuration Mgmt.)
- extentions of features for LBS (Location Based Services)
- integration of solution inhouse of providers (Vodafone, T-Mobile)
- international teamwork with other departments
- developement based on Sun-Studio, Clearcase, Bugzilla, Wiki, CM-Suite, C-Unit, J-Edit, XML-Spy

Pay@Once , 11/00-08/01 , Brokat / Siemens
- backend integration of an Accounting System Pay@vantage (Siemens) into a multiple payment solution PaymentWorks (Brokat).
- analysis und specification (requirements a. use cases)
- definition of interfaces via Corba-IDL und XML/DTD
- project controling (4 developers, 2 QA-lers)

Intershop-4 Cartridge Xpay , 04/00-08/00 , Brokat / Telecash
- a modul to enable payment method SET over Brokat Xpay-Server as an Intershop 4 Cartridge
- analysis and specification (requirements a. use cases)

Kordoba-Accessor , 04/99-02/00 , Brokat / Schmitt Bank Hof / BW-Bank Stuttgard / EPT Bank Luxembourg
- a configurable protocol mediator to Kordoba Bankingsystem (Siemens) to be used in online banking applications.
- OO developement in C++ (Borland/MS-VC) in Win-NT. afterwards ported to Sun Solaris 2.6 u. HPUX 5.11
- project configurations managed with an own Java based application (Jbuilder, JDBC, MS-Access)

Smartcard-API , 10/98-01/99 , MeTechnologie
- a common interface of various Smardcard reader (Towitoku, Bull, other) to perform the needed operations for HBCI 2.0 in client site
- OO developement in Borland C++ und Win-NT. running in > Win95

SSL3 Layer , 06/98-09/98 , MeTechnologie
- migration of an existing SSL2 stack to SSL3
- developement in Borland C++ und Win-NT, Afterwards ported to Sun and varios Palmtop OS (Win CE, S2, other)

Cryptogrphic Adapter IBM 4758 , 11/97-02/98 , IBM / BWS Münster
- special extension of the IBM-HW 4758 for cryptografic algorithms, which was needed special for the german banking structure (SIZ)
- running in OS2 und Sun Solaris
- partly direct interworking within the IBM developement laboratorys Charlotte/N.C.

Edicrypt , 12/96-12/97 , IBM / DKG Hamburg (DKG: Deutsche Krankenhaus Ges.)
- methods for a secured data exchange according to PEM a. X.519 for an Application to bill medical services and drugs in an extendet Edifact protocol (Beschluss DKG §302)
- running in OS2 and Win3.x as single source
- integration of 3rd-party components (SecuDE/GMD)

Sicherheitsmodul BWS , 10/95-07/96 , IBM / BWS Münster
- a set of funktional services for en-/decrypting as well as for handle digital signatures with enhanced security requirements for mgmt. of personalised PKI Recourses.
- developement as a C Module in OS2 and partly migration in IBM mainfraime OS390

Optical length measurement control unit , 09/93-04/95 , TH Leipzig (now HTWK Leipzig)
- a control unit of a CCD precision camera based on FPGA (Xilinx) and mikroprocessor (HC11). PC-linkage via RS232.
- developement of an UI program to perfom precise length messurements in Turbo Paskal as a MS-DOS application.
- grafical visualisation of the messured values and stastic analysis.
demnächst verfügbar, bitte nur Leipzig anbieten. Oder Kurzläufer vorzugsweise in Prozessleit-Technik.

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