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Full Stack web & mobile developer

Profileimage by ChengMin Li Full Stack web & mobile developer from YanJicityProvinceofJiLininChina
  • 133000 YanJi city , Province of JiLin in China Freelancer in
  • Graduation: Bachelor, Harbin Institute of Technology, in the Halbin city of China
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  • Languages: English (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 10.05.2019
"Nothing is impossible!"
I am learning and working hardly for almost 17 hours a day to make this slogan my brand.

I have accumulated a lot of experience working as an independent freelancer for over 8 years. 
Now I try to update my career by being hired from a company with a famous brand as a direct employee.
As a web full stack developer, it is not only my dream but also my passion to learn and realize endless technology. 

1. Backend Frameworks
    1.1 MVC frameworks
         Laravel, Django, Node.js, 
    1.2 CMS frameworks
         WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
2. Frontend Frameworks & Libraries
    Angular.js, React.js & Redux, GraphQL & Apoll, Vue.js
3. Web lauguages
    PHP, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript
1. WordPress themes Development
     2 successful WordPress commercial themes and sold 10k+ copies per a month.
2. BootCommerce - ECommerce Twitter Bootstrap Based at Enva
    High rating of ecommerce Plugin Development
3. WordPress Ecommerce at Self-employed
    Product Slider For WooCommerce - Woo Extension to Showcase Products.
    The BEST WooCommerce extension to showcase your products in style !
4. AI based online cloth-booking system at Ree Inc
5. Laravel Ecommerce at EnvatoMarket
   Universal Ecommerce/Store Full Website with Themes and Advanced CMS/Admin Panel
6. Self-employed as a freelancer
   I have done some big projects for US, Canada clients
   - (wordpress : site for tutoring CEOs)
   - (wordpress : company site)
   - (prestashop : e-commerce site)
   - (wordpress : site for restaurant & franchisor brokage)
   - (wordpress : real estate GAMLS REST service integration)

Hard Working!!!
I  have no vacation until i have a bright brand.