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Last update: 28.06.2018

eCommerce Professional - Digital Marketer - SEO/SEM Analyst - eCommerce Software Project Manager

Graduation: I've left university because I was working full ti
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I'm more like a project person. If you need anything i will provide without making financial chaos.
Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Elementary) | Turkish (Native or Bilingual)




Okay this is the fun part.
I've been advertising on Adwords since 2009 and I became a Google Partner 2 years ago. 
I'm currently managing an ecommerce website for pets in Turkey called This is still growing with low budgets but makes 150-250k revenue every month for last 6 months.
Anyways, I understand Social Media and I know how to use it for my client's desires and I have a solid success rate advertising and creating conversions on social media.
Besides marketing part I also provide search engine optimization services. I can analyze a website deeply and reveal the truth about it and then usually we talk about what to do next to improve current situation. 

I managed 4 other ecommerce businesses that has revenue minimum 1M TRY for a month. So I'm an experienced manager and I can tell you what to do and how to do, you just need to trust me and do whatever I tell you, kindly :)

That would be all I guess. Hope we can work together.
Have a nice day.

Project history

1- in 2 years from zero to 2 Million yearly revenue. 
2- Ten Lingerie  in 1 year with crossborder expansion yearly revenue is 5 Million.
3- is the best furniture ecommerce website in Turkey.
4- is the best website for cold press natural oils.
5- I've build almost 30 Magento stores in the past 7 years around the globe.

Time and spatial flexibility

I can travel anywhere and anytime needed. 


If you have any questions, if you are wondering about anything, just ask me. You don't always need to pay I'm usually happy to help :)

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