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13.5 yrs Exp.| Qualified, Ethical, Legal Professional | Contracts | NDA | Analysis | Creative Mind

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Thank you for visiting my profile!  Perhaps this is the most ethical, transparent, oldest, rule based, profile of , 912freelance , service provider, this account is set up more than a decade ago and very much active!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you looking forward to get any legal drafting, anaysis, advice and  or creative writing works.

Schedule:- I available from 9am -12pm Monday-Friday, & Saturday-Sunday 9.30am-11pm, as per Indian Time Zone!

I am Shekhar Mahapatra, Qualified, Legal Professional, Ex-Litigator. I am Expert in Law of Contracts,13 years+ PQE in Law of Contract. Just DM to get started!

Hold degree in Law i.e. BALLB HONS(5 years) from Dept. of Law Calcutta University '08. And Masters in Business from Skikkim Manipal University, I have completed MBA in 2013.

My experience includes legal drafting, litigation and writing per business requirements. I am available per Indian Time Zone (9am-12pm) if you require me to work per your time zone then do have prior discussion
I do prepare Contract, Agreement, including
1. Engagement Contract
2. Shareholder agreement,
3. Partnership agreement,
4. Web terms, policies & data management privacy
5. Legal letter for claim,
6. Bankruptcy filing documents,
7. E-commerce policies, data protection policy per recent EU regulations etc.
8. NDA
9. Prenuptial Agreement
10. NNN
11. Service Agreement
12. Investment Agreement
13. Lease
14. Risk Analysis
I have clients all over the world US, UK, Canada, Australia, Russian Federation, and Israel. I personally manage all projects. I'm an Indian Legal Expert!
Please note I have zero tolerance towards, abuses, and strictly penalize people based on their abuse here or anywhere, virtual or real interaction.

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Only available for the countries India


I am here to help you (buyers) and happy to help! Here is a few basics about working with me

1. Please jot down your requirement prior to discussion, it  is always recommended with regard to hourly or any work. Do not accept any proposal or hourly without sharing complete details, discussion and agreement, to that effect.

2.  Discussion outside of site  and or seeking suggestion, information, any time, will attract additional cost.

3. Quoted fee will change in line with newly added/shared details or uncompleted detail being, completed at such discussion.

4. You will not be receiving, any similar work or free drafting or free advice!

5. Any work requested without sharing complete details, or outside the agreed purview, timeline, whether at beginning, of discussion, middle or end of work, will attract separate cost and timeline. Any additional work request, or separate work request, without additional fees will be void ipso facto!

6. I cannot entertain or quote void statutes, illegal terms, requests.

7.If you want me to add new points, post, expiry of agreed support timeline, or your request to make alteration/amendment, beyond agreed scope of work,  you will be charged separately!

8. Proposal sent over more than 29 days ago are treated as expired, and will always be subject to new proposal, if requested.

9. If post lengthy discussion regard to any probable work, if you stop responding to my message, or did not work with me then it is complete waste of time so expended during discussion and post discussion waiting period, kindly inform about your decision on time (in order to ensure quick availability for other projects)
Thus  to prevent this waste of work hours, every buyers is hereby requested to get back to me asap, for extended discussion, that is more than 10 minutes pl. have a reasonable budget and pay 30% upfront.

In case any buyer is found to be repeatedly wasting time, by delaying and not responding in time, then they will be reported, and on next interaction or work will be charged at 30% upfront plus 50x fee in escrow.

I have zero tolerance towards abuse and ghosting, time wasters, once you are listed you will liable to pay 30% upfront and 10x fee, (meant for abusers and people who delay and ghosts or responds prolonged delay of more than 2 weeks) , not just here but everywhere plus "Assurance fee" and "Repentance fee"(will be determined by me on spot)

After reading this if you think am interested to scare you then am sorry, my intent was not so but to clarify what exactly I can offer, how far you are entitled to and where I must stop being too casual with abusers and habitual time wasters! I repeat I am just transparent and consistent with my policies!

if you are here then the reason being your local providers are unable to help you with the work for reasons, like time, money, or both and mostly you will find my offers exceptional but please understand there are restrictions and exceptions, so please do co-operate, we never intent to let you down. I remember one of our client from Canada had said (in other freelance forum) that “you can complete the work tomorrow, and you can leave for (the day) your home, and close your office, if you need to” although I did not, but it felt great, its really feels great when someone conveys, such warm gesture, it inspired me for more good work!

Please note that any work completed here does not come with any guarantee or warranty of any kind and you agree to hold us harmless and agree not to claim any compensation if such work turned out not per your expectation but you can expect drafts shared with you at various stages of the work.

Finally like my work? Then endorse me!

--------------Hope to help you again. Thank you for your time, have a great day.---------
Profileimage by Anonymous profile, 13.5 yrs Exp.| Qualified, Ethical, Legal Professional | Contracts | NDA | Analysis | Creative Mind 13.5 yrs Exp.| Qualified, Ethical, Legal Professional | Contracts | NDA | Analysis | Creative Mind