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Last update: 13.04.2019

Fullstack Angular .Net Developer

Company: EleonSoft
Graduation: Bsc. Software Engineering
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Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)




           My name is Vladi Kagner, founder of EleonSoft company. I’m senior full stack software engineer with strong mathematics background.
            I’m looking forward to get in touch for designing and developing projects. With more than 10 years of experience in execution of a full spectrum of works and delivery of projects "on a turn-key basis" in the shortest terms and with the maximal quality.
Skills & Experience
  1. JavaScript expert with more than 3 years’ experience in Angular 1.x, Angular 2-7.
  2. Well-crafted code base SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design.
  3. Deep understanding and experience of MVVM patterns, MVC based on Domain-Driven Design (DDD) architecture.
  4. Experience in development BI platforms with long running workflow processes implemented with NHibernate\EF ORM’s.
  5. Experience in solving multithreading (TPL) and security tasks.
  6. Work experience in using test frameworks MS Fakes, Spec flow.

Project history

EleonSoft Projects
"eBayPayPal Sync portal" – SAP B1 Synchronization internal management web-portal.      2018
Royaldent LTD, ERP synchronization web-portal.
Project description:
Royaldent’s ERP synchronization web-portal is a smart integration web-portal platform which connect SAP Business One and eBay Marketplace PayPal.
eBay Orders are synced to SAP B1 as Sales Order. Order information like Line items, Taxes, Shipping Charges, Discounts from Discount Coupons, Bidding prices shown as discount will sync from eBay to SAP B1 Sales Order to provide accurate Order Total.
When Order is Fulfilled in SAP B1, i.e., the product is shipped, the fulfillment details (tracking details) can be synced back to eBay as Shipment information. ERP stock updates will update eBay product inventory. Ability to choose one or multiple warehouse’s quantity to be synced to Marketplace. Consider any inventory calculation for inventory update in eBay.
"Study Medical Hub" – Clinical study BI Analytics system.                                                     2017
Bioforum’s Study Medical Hub Clinical study BI Analytics system.
Project description:
Bioforum’s Study Medical Hub is a central place for all the clinical data such as Medical Monitors, Clinical Directors, Operations personal and others to interrogate study data on the fly through a Web application. A one place for all information on a subject as well as aggregated information on the study or even multiple studies.
"Atak" – Budget management system.                                                                                                2016
Israel Defense Forces budget management system.
Project description:
The Atak System enables Israel Defense Forces to manage the annual budgeting and activity funding of their department. This web-based application is designed to be flexible with many user-based options. It allows a variety of budgeting procedures and is powerful enough to replace traditional methods of manual management.
System features: Set up of the annual budget, allocate funds to the various departments, view and draw reports on amounts spent, view remaining amounts, track the funds as the departments spend, draw reports on budget allocations, set up alerts to track whether departments are overspending, send notifications to departments who seem to be overspending, block funds and more.
"MyBell" – Client services and billing management system.                                                     2015
Bell Canada - largest telecommunications company. Client services and billing management system.
Project description:
Client services and billing management system features: View your account balance and make payments, get an explanation of your charges, check your usage, update your plan or features, learn your upgrade status, sign up for paperless billing with e-bill and more.
"Web Purchase Control System" – ERP Intra-organizational system.                                   2014
Self-service request portal including connection of supplier catalogues completely integrated in SAP.
Project description:
Together with SAP® and Non-SAP® users in the specialist departments, the purchasing department can process the procurement of non-product related material, services or material investment more efficiently and transparently.
Electronic workflows accelerate approval processes and replace form processes linked to paper and mail. A monitor in the web portal and in SAP® provides maximum transparency on the current state of all purchase requisitions and orders.
Personal Work Experience
"EleonSoft" – Web Intra-organizational systems and ERP system solution.                 2014 to date
Founder - Application Development and Delivery
  1. Enterprise Integration Architect for ERP, CRM, Ecommerce
  2. Lead office of the CIO (Budget, PMO, Enterprise Standards)
  3. Web Application and Web API Development – Microsoft .Net (C#)
  4. Enterprise Application Integration
  5. Business Intelligence Lead – SAP BI, Business Objects
"NeoGames" – NeoGames is a leading iLottery software and service provider.           2014 to 2016
As a Senior .Net C# Developer
  1. Developing server-side applications services using C#, with experience of ecommerce platforms and nServiceBus. (.Net C#, nServiceBus, MSMQ, WCF)
  2. Working across the full development lifecycle including understanding requirements, design, development, creating and executing automated unit tests.
"Emuse LTD" – SAP, CRM and SharePoint projects development.                               2013 to 2014
As a Lead .Net C# Developer / Team Leader / Architect
  1. SharePoint 2010/13 client/server-side Web Parts and Forms. (.Net C#, JS, Google API)
  2. SharePoint Services integration in SAP, CRM and Priority. (.Net C#, SP Com)
  3. Internal .Net MVC3 Web Portal with SOAP Web Services integration. (.Net C#, JS, JQuery, Ajax)
  4. SAP BO / Priority Add-ons, Digital Signature feature and external devices interaction. (.Net C#, SP Com)
  5. SOAP Secured Web Service with SAP App DI Service interaction. (.Net C#, SP Com)
  6. CRM Dynamics external web based solution with Projects and Billing management. (.Net C#, JS, JQuery, Ajax)
"MSA LTD" – Cloud application development.                                                             2012 to 2014
As a senior .Net C#/ C++ Developer
  1. AWS Cloud EC2/VPC/S3 Management solution with billing integration. (.Net C#, AWS Com)
  2. Win Forms client/server-side applications. (.Net C# / C++)
  3. Web-portal with ERP/Payment service integration. (.Net C#, JS, JQuery, Ajax)
  4. Web-based Licensing Solutions with high level encryption and web management interface. (.Net C#, C++, JS, JQuery, Ajax)
"JoinWEB LTD" – Hybrid Hosting Solutions Company.                                                2007 – 2010
  1. WEB development projects. (.Net C#, PHP)
  2. Linux/Windows Hosting management. (cPanel, WHM, Plesk)

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