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Solution Architect

Graduation: Diplom Kaufmann (FH)
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Project history

04/2019 - 10/2019
Business Consultant
Santander Bank
Conception and implementation of a reporting engine for LCR / NSFR / AMM reporting

* Analysis of the existing manual reporting process

* Analysis of the ALM data mart as a "single source" for liquidity reporting

* Definition of reporting templates

* Conception and implementation of a reporting engine based on SAS Base, which creates all required
reports for BASEL and CRR with one click

* Conception and implementation of comparison to the previous reporting period, which determines all
changes and prepares them for analyst

* Definition of the monthly reporting process with synthetic day calculation of LCR

* Definition and design of control model witch assure quality of used data

* Definition and design of general- / sub-ledger reconciliation process

* Documentation regarding data quality and completeness

Technologies: SAS, Oracle, Jira, Confluence.

04/2018 - 11/2018
Management Consultant
WEPEX Management
Management Consultant

Building a new competence division (RPA)

* Market analysis and comparison of RPA market leaders (UiPath, blueprism, Automation Anywhere)

* Selection of UiPath as provider with best solution for banking sector

* Projects aquisition

* Preparation of partnership with UiPath DACH

* Creation and coordination of the internal training program

* Acquisition of the following UiPath certifications:

* RPA Developer Level 1

* RPA Developer Level 2

* RPA Developer Level 3

* RPA Business Analyst

* RPA Solution Architect

* RPA Implementation Methodology

Technologies: UiPath Studio, UiPath Orchestrator

03/2018 - 10/2018
Test Manager
Santander Bank
Definition of the test strategy and creation of control documents

* Development of test cases in close coordination with IRBA managers

* Definition of test cases and implementation of test database with MS Access

* Execution of test cases and documentation of results

* Creation of the controll document as a central proof of the suitability of the historical data for the Basel II
parameter estimation and plausibility of the estimated parameters

Technologies: SAS, DB2, MS Access, Jira, Confluence.

12/2017 - 02/2018
DWH Architect
Development of a data model for Campaign Management in the B2B customer segment

* Definition of tables and fields for data management

* Definition of ETL and update processes

* Definition of interfaces for data exchange with external call shop and press service providers

* Selection of service providers and definition of interfaces for address entry

* Definition of quality improvement measures

Technologies: SAS, Oracle, Jira, Confluence.

10/2017 - 11/2017
DWH Architect
Definition of the Target Operation Model for SAS and Python applications

* Definition of three relevant environments: PROD / DEV and TEST on the SAS DWH server

* Conception of a release process for the production of relevant software components

* Implementation of a regression test and definition of the test process.

* Installation of the automated quality improvement process for the financial scoring application

Technologies: Scrum, SAS, Python, API, PHP, MySQL, Jira, Confluence,

12/2016 - 04/2017
Business Consultant


* Analysis of EBA requirements

* Creation of concepts

* Analysis of the Individual Transactions in SAP CML and the Corresponding General Ledger
Accounts in SAP FI (On and Off Balance Positions)

* Reconciliation of the single item balance with the general ledger accounts

* Definition of default accounts for low balance sheet deviations during operation

* Implementation with SQL Developer and SAS EC / DI

Technologies: SAP FI, SAP CML, SAS DI, SAS EG, Oracle, Jira, Confluence.

07/2016 - 12/2016
Business Advisor
Automation of QA measures in the loan application process:

The goal of the project was to reduce the manual effort involved in checking bank statements in the loan
application process. The manual process was mostly automated. My first task was to create a
requirements and implementation concept for the classification of payments and the identification of risk
drivers. Based on the concept, a rule-based multi-layered model was developed, which was then
integrated by the IT department in the form of SAS Stored Process into the Web architecture of the credit
approval process.

* Inclusion of requirements
* Creation of the requirement concept
* Coordination with implementation team
* Development of a rule-based classification algorithm with SAS EG
* Design of a user interface (cover page) for the presentation of aggregated bank turnover and risk
* Development of an xml Data Stream interface for the integration of the Stored Process
* Definition of an interface to an external provider for data exchange in Json format
* Creation of the test concept for the validation of the implemented model
* Coordination of validation of the model during operation

Technologies: SAS EG, SAS Add-In for MS Office, Jira, Confluence.

05/2013 - 06/2016
Business Consultant
Financial MIS Project:
Development of a multi-dimensional financial reporting system
* Business Analysis:
o Inclusion of requirements
o Analysis of data sources
o Creation of ad hoc analyzes
* Software design:
o Creating concepts: (Project Requirement Documents, Detailed Software Requirement
o Data modeling
o Preliminary studies and prototypes
* Implementation:
o Connection of new interfaces and extension of the dimension model
o Programming of metadata-driven ETL processes with SAS 9.3 on the mainframe (z / OS)
o Creation of report layouts in the front end (Jedox)
* Test / Dokumentation:
o Conception of test cases
o Conducting system tests and UAT
o Documentation in the application lifecycle system

Technologies: SAS, Jedox, Qlickview, Jira, Confluence.

10/2014 - 12/2014
Key Account- / Team Manager
Interim Management:

* Acquisition of open positions with the existing customer and selection of suitable specialists
* Active relationship management and comprehensive customer care
* Negotiating project contracts
* Central contact for the customer
* Professional and disciplinary leadership of the consultant team
* Ensuring and adherence to time and budget requirements as well as quality standards
* Exchange of experience and information transfer within the consulting team
* Organizing and conducting job interviews with candidates

Technologies: various SAS tools

01/2013 - 05/2013
Business Consultant
Establishment of a SAS division
Support of the consulting firm in the expansion of the range of activities by a further technological division
* Development of a model for a MaRisk-compliant use of SAS Base's own developments in
specialist areas of financial institutions
* Development of a prototype for liquidity management (LCR, NSFR) in cooperation with SAS
* Creation of product presentations
* Support in project acquisition

Technologies: SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Stored Prozesses, MS Power Point

01/2012 - 01/2013
Project manager Risk controlling
Santander Bank
Santander Bank

Dr. Tina Dai-Wiegel , Head of ERM & Non-Credit Risks
+34 912897746

06/2011 - 12/2012
Project manager
Santander Bank
Introduction of an asset liability management tool
Introduction of an ALM tool for measuring interest rate and liquidity risk. In the same step, the existing
stand-alone solutions for measuring interest rate and liquidity risk were eliminated and the granularity of
the underlying data from product to business level increased.

* Coordination of the project team in the conception and test phase
* Creation of project and budget plans
* Prepare decision-making for Steering Committee
* Leading analyst role in the development of balance sheet reconciliation

Technologies: MS Projekt, MS Office Paket, MSG THINK (sDIS+; Cashver; Einstand; GuV-Planer; IFRS

01/2007 - 01/2012
Consultant / Sales Manager
Manfred Hoffmann; Carolla Hoffmann

Manfred Hoffmann , Managing Director
Carolla Hoffmann , assistant to the management


For over ten years, I have successfully provided consulting services in the areas of business analysis and
process automation. During this time I had accompanied and designed versatile projects in the role of a
business analyst, project manager or solution architect. In previous roles, I was responsible for identifying
the business requirements and drafting concepts as well as implementing and testing complex business
intelligence solutions. In the earlier projects I took over the interface function between Technology and the
Business / Finance and was always committed to achieving the planned result, taking into account the
respective relevant implementation model.

I got to know the complex topics from different perspectives as a business analyst, project manager, test
manager or solution architect and can put myself very well into the respective role. In the earlier projects I
have worked in teams organized according to Scrum as well as in those that have advanced according to
the classical waterfall principle.

The knowledge I have collected from previous projects is the advance statute to achieve good results in
improving your product. Therefore you can expect from me full dedication and a lot of personal passion
and drive in achieving goals, coordination with team members and reporting to the management. My skills
relevant to daily work such as

* Strong analytical thinking,

* Structured way of working,

* Ability to anticipate and

* Accurate, open and secure appearance in meetings and management reports

are thereby brought to bear one hundred percent.

09/2010 - 06/2011
Project manager
Santander Bank
Automation of the risk report
Automation and standardization of reporting. Encapsulation of all SAS based reporting components to
SAS Stored process and integration of these in a consistent report template.

* Inclusion of requirements
* Creation of the prototype
* Creation of the project plan
* Coordination between developers and department

Technologies: MS Office Paket, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Add-In for MS Excel.

02/2010 - 09/2010
Business Consultant
Santander Bank
Structure of KPI reporting
Fulfillment of a management requirement of the parent company with regard to the supply of key
performance indicators.
* Inclusion of requirements
* Definition of key figures in cooperation with the department
* Creation of IT concepts
* Participation in the creation of the test concept
* Participation in the conception of the quality assurance process

Technologies: SAS Base, MS Visio, MS Office Paket

08/2009 - 02/2010
Business Consultant
Santander Bank
Consolidation of risk MIS
Development of a consistent reporting data mart due to multiple mergers. The implementation was
completely taken over by an IT service provider.

* Aufnahme von fachlichen und technischen Anforderungen
* Analyse von bestehenden Reports
* Koordination und Mitwirkung beim Design des Reporting Datamarts und des zugrunde liegenden
* Koordination und Mitwirkung bei der fachlichen Definition der ETL-Prozesse und bei der
Erstellung der Arbeitspakete.

Technologies: MS Visio, MS Office Pake

02/2009 - 08/2009
Business Consultant
Santander Bank
Establishment of success reporting of an internal law firm
Building a new system for measuring activities of an internal law firm.
* Preparation of the concept
* Comprehensive analysis of sales data
* Programming with SAS 9.2
* Creation of technical documentation and user documentation
* Conducting a developer test
* Transfer to productive operation
Technologies: SAS Base, Excel, VBA

02/2009 - 08/2009
Business Consultant
Santander Bank
Development of a credit report
Development of a monthly report containing the credit-relevant key figures, such as Number of accounts
and their volume in residue classes or number and volume of the currently canceled accounts and their
share of the total portfolio monitored. The report was produced in the old version in parts with Cobol and
had to be converted into a newer modern technology.
* Development of the technical concept in cooperation with the department
* Analysis of the existing creation process in Cobol
* Definition of the key figure catalog and reporting dimensions
* Creation of the implementation concept
* Realization with SAS Base
* Transfer of the finished process to the monthly production plant
* Creation of an organizational instruction for the possible extensions of the report

Technologies: Cobol, SAS Base

10/2008 - 02/2009
Business Consultant
Santander Bank
Establishment of success reporting of an internal law firm
Building a new system for measuring activities of an internal law firm.
* Preparation of the concept
* Comprehensive analysis of sales data
* Programming with SAS 9.2
* Creation of technical documentation and user documentation
* Execution of tests
* Transfer to productive operation

Technologies: SAS Base, Excel, VBA

06/2008 - 10/2008
Business Consultant
Santander Bank
Implementation of reports for controlling collection processes
Development of a report on the results of the collection direct debit procedure and a report for the
identification of customers, who can be resumed due to the stable payment behavior in the usual direct
* Inclusion of professional requirements
* Creation of the implementation concept
* Realization with SAS Base
* Conducting the developer test
* Preparation of technical documentation
* Transfer to regular operation

Technologies: SAS Base

02/2008 - 06/2008
Business Consultant
Santander Bank
Documentation of reporting-relevant SAS programs
Examination of reporting-relevant SAS programs for completeness of technical and technical
* Analysis and review of relevant programs and any existing documentation
* Completion of existing and creation of missing documents
* Creation of program flow diagrams and logical mapping tables

Technologies: SAS Base, MS Office Paket, MS Visio

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