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Project history

09/2013 - 11/2016
NET Developer
Essilor; America Farmers Branch
Designed and constructed an intranet web application for Human Resources department to log
and track requests.

Designed and constructed an intranet web application for Oracle R12 administrators to
execute administrative queries on multiple databases.

Primary support for intranet applications used to manage product price lists for more than
ten thousand products and more than twelve hundred different price lists. Updated this application
from 2.0 to MVC 5 with bootstrap and entity framework 6 in 2015.

Primary support for intranet application used to manage special product pricing events for
specific customers or customer groups. This 2.0 application utilizes web services 2.0 as a
middle tier between the user interface and the database access layer. Special pricing approvals were
also marshaled with this application including proxy approvals.

Primary support for internet application that is a multi tenant application allowing
customers to manage employee industrial safety eye glass orders. This 4 application is
hosted on multiple web servers and utilizes web services as the middle tier between the user
interface and the data access layer. The database used is a SQL server database with integration to
order processing Oracle database using DTS and SSIS.

07/2012 - 08/2013
Contract Developer
Alcon Fort Worth
Designed and constructed an MVC 3 intranet web application to replace an Oracle Forms application
for indexing laboratory notebooks for the R&D department.

Application is used by R&D personnel to create searchable records of experiments including
chemicals, assets, products and procedures. Other personnel can query the database for pertinent
information to find corresponding imaged notebook pages.

Expression Blend 4 was used to develop the prototype for the web application. The application was
developed using C# as a Visual Studio 2010 solution. SQL Server 2008 became the data repository.
SSIS was used to create a data migration package and a nightly update package. SSRS was used to
build the new reports that were migrated to RDLC reports. Entity Framework 4.1 was used to build the
model portion of the MVC application. jQuery and javascript were used for client side coding.

12/2011 - 07/2012
Contract Developer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Converting Paperless Inventory application originally written using Visual Basic 6.0 to VB.NET.
Application is a winforms application used by claims processing personnel. Application presents
users with next claim to be processed and tracks claim processing time and counts number of claims
processed by user.

Application interacts with Mainframe terminal windows used for claims processing. Integration with
Microsoft Excel provides report creation capabilities. SQL Server 2005 is used as claims queue
repository and work tracking storage database. Application contains more than 40 forms and 200

06/2011 - 10/2011
Contract Developer
Alcon Fort Worth
Worked on the newest version of their "Diner" application that is used as a sales quote, contract
creation and compliance monitoring tool. The equipment and packages are for eye surgery clinics and
doctors. The application allows for customizing to contents of surgery packs for individual clinics
or doctors.

The application is a winforms application that uses an n-tier design creating three distinct layers,
the presentation layer, the business rules and logic layer and the database layer. Visual Studio
2010 is used to manage the projects and source code from the requirements through specific tasks,
unit tests and approvals.

The presentation layer utilizes winforms with resource files for localization and globalization for
multiple languages support. All winforms and source code developed using VB.NET.

The business rules and logic were constructed using the Component-based Scalable Logical
Architecture abbreviated as CSLA. Visual Studio 2010 managed these classes and objects.

03/2010 - 05/2011
Contract Developer
Game Stop Grand
Worked on the international team to support and extend the Point of Sale applications used in more
than 8000 stores worldwide. The core POS application is primarily a Visual Basic 6 application with
some parts written using C# and the .NET 2.0 Framework.

The presentation layer is a mixture of Visual Basic 6 forms and .NET winforms. Microsoft Access
databases, resource files and xml files are used for configuration and globalization to support
multiple languages and cultures.

Visual Studio 2010 is used to manage the source code, defect tracking and all new extension

Interaction with external devices such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash registers and
credit card scanners require the application to be highly configurable. OPOS is used to interface
with many of these devices.

10/2003 - 09/2008
support developer/analyst
Citigroup Irving Texas
contracting from Interactive Business Systems. Improved web design as business rules changed. Web
application utilized conventional ASP pages with HTML and CSS code as well as JavaScript for client
side validations.

Moved to leasing web site team to work on major revision of web site for new credit originations for
Ford Motor Co. Updated many of the conventional ASP pages with JavaScript and XML posts over HTTP to
reduce processing times. Utilized page branding techniques to allow site pages to display as several
different customers including Ford and Bobcat.

Promoted to manager over same credit origination web site. Managed a diverse development team while
migrating web site to new data centers requiring a redesign of the communication layer between the
web pages and the back end SQL Server and AS400 DB2 databases. Communication protocol changed from
COM to HTPPS with secure PKI certificate authentication.

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