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Last update: 06.09.2022

SAP CPI, PI/PO & EDI Consultant

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)


SAP Cloud Platform Integration, EDI Development, B2B integration, JAVA, Python, SAP, Cloud Platform ( Neo/ Cloud Foundry), API management, SAP PI, SAP PO,  Scripting, JAVA UDF & mapping development.
Trainer of SAP PO & CPI
Worked on all A2A & B2B adapters during various project lifecycles.
Successful delivery of all the projects - Refer the reviews from Client Managers
Salesforce Integration via SOAP adapter on SAP PO and Open Connector in SAP CPI.
Fieldglass Integration in SAP PO via SOAP adapter
Legacy system integration via SAP PO/CPI
Strong logical and analytical skills.
Team of 4 member to take up larger projects.

Project history

09/2020 - 09/2020
Techno-Functional Consultant
Incture Technologies
Actively involved in the Client POCs and solution proposals along with development and solution
design for customers. Actively involved in the development and design of projects in North America.

Responsible for delivering the projects on time, gaining customer confidence, and managing projects
of high value and of strategic importance in various domains like Truck Manufacturing Company, Paper
Manufacturing Country, Pharmaceutical, Rail & USA's one of the largest manufacturers. Possess deep
understanding of business processes & logical approach which helps in providing optimized solution
to the client.
Having working experience on SAP Cloud Platform Integration, ARIBA CIG, Fieldglass Integration, EDI
implementations & other cloud integrations.

Expertise in enterprise architecture, design and development of scalable, performance intensive
enterprise applications.
Proficient in Process Integration, B2B integration, JAVA, Python along with deep knowledge on
Electronic Data Interchange standards.
Exposure to international projects and has onsite experience in Canada, USA and South East Asia.
Worked in the capacity of an EDI Functional Advisor, Team Lead, SAP Consultant, Mentor, Developer

09/2020 - 09/2020
EDI Analyst/Lead Integration Consultant
Incture Technologies Pvt Ltd; Accenture India Services Pvt. Ltd.
Neovia Logistics (Formerly Caterpillar Logistics)
IT Analyst

Accenture India Services Pvt. Ltd.
Software Engineering Analyst, Associate Developer

SAP Cloud Platform / SAP Cloud Platform Integration

* Have deep knowledge on licensing & provisioning of services on SAP Cloud Foundry & Neo
* Have strong functional knowledge on various domain & industries.
* Handled multiple projects of CP/POI in North America.
* Connecting On-Premise and cloud applications via SAP Middleware
* Deep Knowledge on SAP's Integration Advisor & setup
* Role Provisioning & Assignements
* Strong Knowledge on development & architecture design.
* Performance driven development.
* Worked on Retail domain & Manufacturing Domain where delivered 100+ Interfaces
* Working with SAP to bridge the product gap on cloud platform
* Customer Satisfaction is key focus
* Capable of playing roles from Integration advisor/reviewer to consultant
* Deep understanding of SAP Product and integration with Non-SAP APPs via Open connector.
* Experience in API management
* Creating Proof of Concepts on new capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform
* Setting TMS for transporting cloud services
* Have a good team who can deliver the task in tough timelines.
* Always happy to explore new challenges
* Blogs can be found on SAP PO/CPI development.

SAP Process Integration/ B2B Add-on

* Setup the Practice for EDI development at organization level.
* Extensive knowledge on SAP PO B2B Addon.
* Developed 1000+ interfaces in SAP PI/PO
* Trained around 50+ members on Integration (SAP PI/PO & SAP CPI)
* Delivered Zero Defect Project 3 times in a row with team of 25 members.
* Strong Inter-personal skills.
* Knowledge on SAP PO, JAVA & scripting language

09/2020 - 09/2020
Senior Developer
Automobile Singapore/Germany

Industry: Automobile Giants Company: Neovia Logistics
Project Description: Logistics and Transportation Project on SAP PI 7.11/ 7.30/7.4 (Dual Stack)
Role: Senior Developer
* Development of more than 20 interfaces out of 79 interfaces.
* Handling and guiding the junior team members.
* Review of the developed interfaces to meet the client standards.
* Designing and review of the technical design documents.
* Use of Graphical mapping and Java Mapping along with UDFs.
* Use of Proxies and RFC while development.
* Exposure on shell scripting, IBM MQ, IDOC and JMS adapter.
* Use CTS+ and file transportation mechanism.
Achievements: Delivered the project in time and quality

09/2020 - 09/2020
Senior Consultant
Pharmaceuticals- USA

Industry: Pharmaceutical Client Company: Accenture India Pvt. Ltd.
Project Description: Pharmaceutical (SAP PI 7.11 with B2B addon and SAP 7.31 Single stack)
Role: Senior Consultant
* Successfully designed and developed integration scenarios using SAP PI and SAP Netweaver BPM.
* Involved in integration of interfaces from Salesforce to ECC via SOAP.
* Extensive use of Graphical and Java Mapping.
* Use of UDFs, RFC lookup.
* Developed 25+ interfaces.
Achievements: All the deliverables were delivered on time and got Employee of Month Awards.

09/2020 - 09/2020
SAP PI/PO Developer
Accenture India Pvt. Ltd.
Industry: Pharmaceutical Client Company: Accenture India Pvt. Ltd.
Project Description: Pharmaceutical (SAP PI 7.30)
Role: SAP PI/PO Developer
* Successfully designed and developed end-to-end integration scenarios.
* Use of File, JDBC, SFTP, Seeberger AS2, IDoc, SOAP, XI, RFC adapters
* Use of BIC Mapping Designer to create custom mapping for Seeberger and deploying. sda file
on the server.
* Importing certificates in NWA.
* Use of SNC software component to implement serialization with the help of SNC team.
* Deep knowledge of Graphical mapping nodes, XPaths, Extended Receiver determination.
* Handled one small phase of release alone and delivered it with Zero defect delivery.
* Highly enthusiastic to explore and learn new domain and technology.
Achievements: Developed interfaces using SAP modules, worked on complex transformation and created
mapping templates. Received employee-of-the-month award thrice in a year for extra-ordinary
performance. Received Client's appreciation for zero defect delivery for one phase.

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Canada
Profileimage by Rahul Yadav SAP CPI, PI/PO & EDI Consultant from Calgary SAP CPI, PI/PO & EDI Consultant