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Andreea Ramona Olteanu


Last update: 27.10.2020

Web designer(HTML&CSS), Database developer(Oracle SQL Developer), Articles writer/editor

Graduation: Economic Informatics College, Databases Master Studies
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Elementary)


Hello! My name is Andreea and i have recently graduated Economic Informatics in English from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Enomomic Informatics in Bucharest. I am new in the freelancing field but i'm willing to work hard and gain experience by accomplishing as many tasks as i can. Currenty i'm a first year master student and i'm studying Databases. I have good knowledge of SQL(I have mostly used SQL Developer and SQL Server),  but also of HTML and CSS. My biggest project untill now was my batchelor thesis, a web application which i have developed using HTML, CSS and PHP.  Through the process of development of this application, i have managed to use and understand well the concepts of the two core technologies used for building web pages(HTML&CSS). I also have the basic knowledge in PL/SQL, Android Development, C, C++, C#., ASP.NET. I have used the following development applications in the past: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Android Studio, Oracle SQL Developer, Pycharm, Visual Paradigm, PhpMyAdmin, SqlServer.  I also like editing photos and videos, making presentations and graphics. One of my biggest qualities is creativity. I enjoy designing and organizing everything in an aestetically and cromatically attractive manner this being the reason why i belive i would make a good web designer. Another passion of mine is writting, so i would make a good contributon in writing or editing commercial content, website components, writing articles for social media or anything else. I like spending time to work on details and i won't give up until my project looks as good as the client has imagined it. I'm a fast learner and due to my persevering nature i'm always willing to discover new things and technologies.  Even though i lack experience because i have gratuated recently, i belive that i can meet the expectations of the clients, and by constant work and learning, i can become better and better as the time passes.

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