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Last update: 29.08.2021

Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer

Graduation: PhD
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I studied industrial mathematics in Bremen, located in the north of Germany, and graduated with distinction in 2016. Afterwards, I moved to Oslo to pursue a PhD at Simula Research Laboratory and University of Oslo. My PhD work comprised foundational work in machine learning and data science, with a focus on the development of predictive analysis methods in the data scarce regime and on improving our understanding of recent deep learning successes. After finishing my PhD in early 2020, I switched gears and mainly worked as a data science and machine learning consultant. I co-founded a tech consultancy with a colleague of mine in 2021, through which we conduct project-based tech consultant work. I mainly filled the shoes of data scientist, data analyst, and data engineer. However, I also have a strong background in programming, with Python and the associated data science tech stack being my primary language. I love to work in agile teams that share their knowledge with each other, and I am always happy to learn something new during my projects.

Areas of expertise: 
Machine Learning, Statistics, Neural Networks, Optimization, Python programming

General programming languages: 
Python (primary language), R, Matlab, Kotlin, Java, C++

IT Frameworks: numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn, scikit-image, pytorch, tensorflow, keras, dash, plotly, matplotlib, flask, conda, venv, Google-OR, optaplanner, bootstrap, fenics, pyspark, sql, xml, json, pytest

Django, Flask, Dash, AJAX, HTML, CSS

Software principles:
version control (git, jira), object-oriented programming, testing and test-driven development, agile development

Project history

06/2021 - Present
Developer, Data Scientist and - Analyst
Biotech Startup (< 10 employees)
Pharmaceuticals and medical technology

I work as a data scientist with drug screening data for finding novel treatment strategies against certain types of cancer. The data consists of drug-response curves for novel drug combinations, and the main goal is to identify potential drug synergies based on features derived from commonly used drug interactions models. I further build a dashboard app based on Dash and Plotly to visualize experimental data and analysis, running in the background, in an interactive manner.

Tech: Python, Pandas, Dash, Git, Azure, Microsoft Teams

02/2021 - 05/2021
Development, Operation Research Scientist
Logistics company (10-50 employees)
Transport and Logistics

Based on stakeholder’s interests in typical delivery routes, I have conceptualized and implemented an algorithm for solving time-constrained vehicle routing optimization problems using the Google OR and OptaPlanner software framework. The primary programming languages were Kotlin (OptaPlanner framework) and Python (Google OR). The solver is designed for large scale problems, handling thousands of scheduled visits per day.

Tech: Java, Kotlin, OptaPlanner, Google OR, XML, JSON

03/2020 - 09/2020
Development, Data Scientist
Governmental health institute (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

As a member of the data science team of the Norwegian Corona tracing app ‘Smittestopp’, I developed the backend for the data analysis pipeline and algorithms, which were tailored to identify contacts between individuals based on geospatial data (GPS) and Bluetooth data. The primary backend language was Python. The data was stored in MS SQL data bases. Due to the large amount of streaming data, database design was of key importance to facilitate fast queries within from the Python backend. We further used real-world test scenarios to measure the reliability and quality of the tracing app. These findings are published as a report on the Simula webpage as well as in an upcoming Springer book.

Tech: Python, Microsoft SQL, Azure, Jira

04/2015 - 04/2016
Development, Data Scientist
OHB Systems AG (1000-5000 employees)
Industry and mechanical engineering

As part of the systems engineering team, I developed a model for forces emitted by spinning reaction wheels on a deployed satellite. Spinning reaction wheels stabilize the satellite’s position in space, but cause tiny vibrations that lead to blurring of images taken by the satellite’s cameras. My model helped to understand these effects and was used to show that existing heuristics are too pessimistic, as illustrated in this article.

Tools: Matlab

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