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Mykola Kulpa


Last update: 20.12.2021

Senior Full stack developer

Graduation: AGH University of Science and Technology
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Polish (Limited professional) | Russian (Limited professional)


I am an expert on the ground of web development, and have been in this business for 7 years, and can do many things related to the job.  I am quite adept in coding and markup languages and in creating applications using client server model including

    1. Javascript, Typescript, Vue.js, React.js, Angular, NextJS, NuxtJS, Quasar framework, Gastby
    2. PHP, Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP,  Codeigniter, Slim, Zend, Yii
    3. Python, Django, Flask,
    4, Ruby on Rails, GoLang,
    5. MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, GraphQL
I have honored by bachelor’s degree on Software Engineering and also done many courses related to web coding and programming.
My 7 years experience helped me to understand the business tricks.
Now I can easily cope up with the business market and understand the consumers' needs. 
I have got

    1. Experience with large, complex code bases and know how to maintain them
    2. Solid understanding of performance implications and scalability of code
    3. Keenness for writing good, meaningful tests and maintaining thorough test coverage

I have always been so devoted to my work and give my level best to any project I take in hand.

Project history

09/2018 - 11/2019
Senior Full stack developer, Co-founder
Comarch SA
I was a senior full stack developer and co - founder with dealing front and backend

04/2017 - 03/2018
Project Manager
I was a member of the high-professional team. My main responsibilities were:
Being the facilitator, process owner, manager for a team with eight specialists
Ensuring the product owner and teams are effectively working together;
Agile Coaching the Team on self-organization, best practices, higher performance and
Agile metrics evaluation and analysis;
Supporting organization with agile Transformation;
Facilitation and Conflict Management;
Supporting the stakeholders' vision and transparency of the project by providing
Creating a solution in mobile version and cooperation/affiliate with partners;
Managing tasks and establishing contact with potential clients, creating company
politics, and financial potential.
The principal work methodologies were Scrum and Waterfall.
The team consists of 8 developers.

12/2016 - 04/2017
Product Owner, Co-founder
My own business. My key responsibilities were:
Development of the overall strategy of the company;
Risk management: definition, evaluation, and mitigation activities;

09/2014 - 12/2016
Business Development Manager/Project manager
ABBYY Europe (SDK)
I was a member of the high-professional team. My key responsibilities were:
Running international projects, coaching teams in Agile/Scrum;
Mastering Agile/Scrum skills with running my first Scrum teams;
Formulating ideas and strategies which can be translated into technical solutions for
the clients;
Plan and manage personal business portfolio/territory/business according to the
agreed market development strategy;
Identifying, monitoring, and reporting on new trends across countries to expand the
knowledge base of the sales and business
development team.
The primary work methodology is Agile and Scrum.

Time and spatial flexibility

I don't want to relocate,  only want to work as remote.
I can work 8 hours per a day, 40 hours per a week,  if required, I can dedicate even weeken.
And also I can work at any time zone, I can overlap  5 hours any timezone.
I will work at his timezone as client's requirements.


Dear Employers.  I am a experienced Full stack developer with 8 years expereince.
I am very happy to work with you and will do my best.
My Email is   and skype is webdeveloper1027
Feel free contact me any time.
Thank you.

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