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Last update: 25.09.2021

Python Developer

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My projects:
1) Brain games ( Brain games is a set of five console games for brain pumping. I created the virtual environment using poetry. In the project, I used a third-party prompt library to communicate with the user. To check the purity and maintainability of the code, I connected CodeClimate to the project, and also used the flake8 linter. I applied the following software development principles: DRY, YAGNI, KISS. 2) Gendiff ( Gendiff is a command-line utility for comparing configuration files in json and yaml format. The utility displays the difference between files in three formats: stylish, plain, json. I used the following packages: - argparse to create a command-line interface - json for working with json format files - PyYAML for working with yaml format files I applied the practice of developing software for continuous integration of CI with the power of GitHub Actions. The development was conducted according to the TDD (test-driven development) methodology. I created the tests using the pytest framework. I added Code Coverage to the project on CodeClimate to get information about code coverage with tests. I created my own diff abstraction. When constructing this abstraction, I used a tree structure. I used the Depth-first search algorithm to work with this abstraction.

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