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DevOps Lead Engineer

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I am a passionate DevOps Lead engineer with broad experience in setting up a CI pipelines and hosting mission critical software in production. I am a certified Linux and Kubernetes Adminstrator and can help your organization to transition your pipelines and workload to a container based deployment or set up a greenfield environment, be it on premis or in the cloud.
I approach infrastructure problems from a software developement perspective, meaning I highly value git based, fully automated solutions (GitOps), laying out a clear structure for the code with reusable building blocks. Quality and simplicty is key.
I prefer to work in a true DevOps environment, being responsible with my dev team(s) for building the software and succesfully hosting it in production.
Some of the technologies I have a lot of experince working with:
  • linux administration
  • ansible
  • vagrant
  • docker / containers
  • kubernetes administration
  • helm
  • argo workflows / argocd
  • nginx / haproxy / traefik
  • prometheus / grafana
  • java
  • groovy
  • python
  • bash
  • git
  • maven/ npm
  • jira / confluence adminsitration
  • bamboo / gitlab ci / jenkins
  • bitbucket / gitlab / gitea
I was born and raised in Germany. In 2003 I moved to the Netherlands for my college education and settled there. I speak German and Dutch like a native (please forgive me though the occasional mixup as they are quite similar :)) and English on a proficient level.

Project history

01/2020 - Present
Senior DevOps Engineer
Rijkswaterstaat (5000-10.000 employees)
Public service
Part of the CI/CD team and responsible for servicing 3 development teams at Rijkswaterstaat.
- Hosting CI/CD applications like Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, Nexus, Sonarqube, Nginx, OpenLDAP based on docker
- Developing and maintaining the CI pipeline scripts.
- Deploying our applications (Java, Angular) from Test to Productions, including 24/7 support for operations.
- Monitoring & Alerting: Graylog/ElasticSearch, Prometheus, Grafana, Pagerduty
- Setting-up HA Kubernetes cluster with Ansible ("Kubespray-light")
- Migrating CI and CD from custom-script docker based deployments to Kubernetes following GitOps principles using Helm and the Argo stack

03/2018 - 01/2020
Senior DevOps Engineer
Nationaal Archief (NL) (50-250 employees)
Public service
As member of a scrum team and linking pin to the ops team I implement the continuous delivery pipeline and ensure applications are running smoothly in production.
• Set up continuous delivery pipeline in Gitlab CI (java, angular and go applications)
--> build, unit test, security checks, docker based regression tests as quality, publish artifacts, deploy to test
• Set up Docker based regression test environment
• Write Ansible scripts to provision RedHat VM's and deploy our applications, role management with Ansible Galaxy
--> Install and manage applications like Confluence, Jira, Gitlab CI, SonarQube, Nexus (either deployed with Ansible or docker based) or our in house developed backend and frontend applications
• Implement automatic database updates based on Flyway for our Java application
• Monitor and troubleshoot hosted applications in production (Icinga, Check_mk, Kibana etc)

04/2014 - 02/2018
Senior CI/CD Engineer
Keylane (500-1000 employees)
• Initiated and worked on the Continuous Delivery project for the Maia Software
--> Fully automated build, deploy and database migration for our Progress application based on ANT, PCT, PowerShell, Groovy - server side and client machines (Linux / Windows)
--> Introduced Atlassian Bamboo Continuous Integration Server and short feedback cycle to dev teams
--> Helped improving automation for our .NET / C# components
• Migrated version control from Accurev to Bitbucket / GIT, established branch and merge strategy, trained the dev teams
• Improved and automated the infrastructure hosting our test environments and information systems, working tightly together with our IT department
• Member of the Keylane Technical Leadership team
• Migrated projects from legacy Bugzilla to Jira with tailor made Java-based migration software
• Acquired knowledge and experience in Java programming, the Maven build framework, Artifactory and dependency management

Local Availability

Available worldwide
I live in Rotterdam and am available for remote work. Occassional traveling is open for discussion.
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