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Rahul Kumar


Last update: 06.09.2022

Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Adabas DBA, Software Engineer

Graduation: Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Technology
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Languages: English (Full Professional)




Core Application design, Development, Testing, Programming, Natural, JCL, ASSEMBLER, CLIST, COBOL, C#, File Management System, VSAM, Database, ADABAS, DB2, MS SQL Server, Oracle 8i,9i,10g, TSO/ISPF, NSC, Version Control, SYSPAC/ISPW, CHANGEMAN, Mainframe, Legacy BOL, SQL, bugs, EE Mainframe Developer, Adabas DBA, zOS, Coding

Project history

03/2016 - 12/2020
Senior Software Engineer
Zensar Tech Standard Bank
Zensar Tech
Standard Bank (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Run the Bank - Legacy BOL
Senior Software Engineer
Technical Specialist
Mar 2016 - Dec 2020

Role & Responsibilities:

* Automated numerous tasks. Latest being automating the stats update to the stakeholder using
mainframe tech and POWER AUTOMATE.
* Have been responsible for bringing the immediate payment to stability with an increase in
transactions processed from 3000/day to 60000/day. Expert in immediate payment system.
* Responsible for adding new columns/descriptors to the ADABAS tables for the changes
* Have gained knowledge of almost all the different types of payment and collection services in
* Working as a single point of contact for any queries/issues/solutions related to real time
clearing payments.
* Was working as a senior developer and lately the technical specialist from Joburg since Sep
* Critical in ensuring that we have a good rapport with the client and bringing the best in the
offshore team.
* Not a data engineer, but very good at handling the massive data and generating and creating a
report for the stake holders to show for our work in the product we support.
* Excellent working knowledge in SQL's.
* Designed and developed the project to save the data of actual customers by breaking the data
into different destination and then scrambling it and putting them in test env, to protect the
identity of real customers.
* Mentored and provided guidelines for junior software engineers.
Key Achievements

* Received a lot appreciation by the business stake holders for the solutions and support
* Received the award for customer centricity and innovative solution provided.

01/2013 - 11/2016
EE Mainframe Developer, Adabas DBA
Wipro Tech Nokia Solutions and Network
Role & Responsibilities:

* Batch stream stabilization -Root cause analysis for the Batch incidents, Applying permanent
* Analysis of core functionalities of the TOOLS like DBCTR & PPACK to determine the efficient
way by which the R&D is done
* Responsible for automation of the Report and tasks, to minimize human intervention in the
* Was responsible for upgrading zOS(1.12 to 2.1), Natural (4.2.3 to 8.2.3), Adabas(4.2.3 to
8.2.3), Natural Security
* Was responsible for any changes to ADABAS files (adding, deleting fields)
* Lead the team of 8-10 in offshore for the SOFTWARE AG upgrade project from Munich, Germany.

Key Achievements
* Automation that saved 200 Man hour/week
* Received feather in my cap award for the solutions and automations.
* With just 3 years of exp, was leading the team from Munich, Germany for a critical project
within Nokia.

11/2015 - 03/2016
Senior Software Engineer
Wipro Tech
Wipro Tech
Project - Protecting the North
Client - Suncorp Insurance (Australia)
Senior Software Engineer
Nov 2015 - Mar 2016

11/2015 - 03/2016
Senior Software Engineer
Wipro Tech; Suncorp Insurance
Role & Responsibilities:

* For the limited time, I was in the project, did help the team with taking the project live for
Suncorp Insurance.
* Built a decent understanding of the project and delivered on the expectation.
* Helped the team with the run of test suites and fixed the bugs.

Key Achievements
* Completed the project well within the deadline

01/2013 - 11/2015
Senior Software Engineer, Adabas DBA
Wipro Tech; Nokia
Wipro Tech
Project - EE Mainframe
Client - Nokia (Germany)
Senior Software Engineer, Adabas DBA
Jan 2013 - Nov 2015

04/2012 - 01/2013
Software Engineer
Wipro Tech
Wipro Tech
Project - Fi Core Settlement
Client - Fifth Third Bank (USA)
Software Engineer
Apr 2012 - Jan 2013

04/2012 - 01/2013
Project Engineer
Wipro Tech; Fifth Third Bank
Role & Responsibilities:
* Was involved in Coding, Reviews, Unit Test Case preparation, testing, implementation.
* Worked mostly on Assembler, which is closest to the machine language you can get, so kind a
felt like working in MATRIX.
* Tracking the resolutions given by onsite on a day-to-day basis.

* Excellent strengths are my interpersonal skills by working in well diverse business settings.
Experience in handling projects in various roles as Team Member, Team Lead, Technical
Specialist, Programmer and Software Consultant.
* Project delivery of various sizes, performance tuning, production support, trouble shooting.
* Extensive experience working with Financial and Banking applications.
* Very good experience in trouble shooting and system performance tuning.
* Extensive experience working as an onsite coordinator. Attending the project review meetings
with clients. Gathering requirements, preparing High Level Design (HLD), Low Level Design
(LLD), transitioning the requirements and design to offshore for the Build activity.

Local Availability

Only available for the countries South Africa
Profileimage by Rahul Kumar Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Adabas DBA, Software Engineer from Johannesburg Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Adabas DBA, Software Engineer