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Graduation: Technical University of Budapest
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I have been doing ABAP development for 25 years. During this time I gained experience in different SAP modules and tried to keep my knowledge of ABAP techologies up to date.
SAP is constantly being improved, new and new technologies are introduced every day. This brings new challenges for the developers, though I do not feel it as a burden, but rather a possibility to learn something new from time to time. This contributes to keeping me motivated and interested.

I had a change to work in an international environment several times and participate in large scale SAP implementation projects as well (such as the Philips Medical Systems Integrated Client Program in Best, the Netherlands).

I am definately a team player, I strongly believe in the power of a well functioning team compared to the added up competencies of the individulals constituting it.
SAP is an integrated environment which implies that working with it can only be efficient if all the parties communicate properly and act together to achieve the goals set up. I consider this a very important skill for a developer, too.

Writing a good SAP program not only requires the skill to master the ABAP lanaguage, this is the smaller (but not less important) part of the job.
It is also essential to make the development to fit into the standard SAP system. For this you have to be able to understand how standard SAP functions work. The more you know about the functional aspects of SAP as a developer the better programs you can develop.
You also have to be able to think as a user. When writing a program you always have to imagine how it will be used, what might be on the minds of the people who will use it.
From the perspective of the further maintenance of a development, the result needs to be understandable for any other developer: the code needs to be structured and clear. Addig sufficcient amount of coding is a key to achieve this goal.

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