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Marc Bonte


Last update: 27.09.2022

Frontend Developer | Junior React Developer

Graduation: BS
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Languages: Chinese (Full Professional) | German (Elementary) | English (Native or Bilingual)


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Around 8 years of professional experience in all phases of software development life cycle including requirements Analysis and Debugging, Applications Design, Development, Integration, Maintenance, Installation, Testing of various client/server as per Enterprise standards.

Result-oriented customer service professional with diverse experience in conducting regular performance audits to ensure the highest customer satisfaction level. Skilled at rendering effective and time-sensitive customer support in a high-pressure environment. Adept at analyzing customer feedback to bolster customer retention. Proficient in aiding clients to resolve complex problems, minimize escalations and accomplish a 5star customer experience.

Project history

09/2020 - 03/2022
React Full Stack Developer
Challenge Group
IT company
- Developed dynamic web pages using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Less, CSS3, SASS and AJAX.
- Closely worked with Application using ReactJS and Node.js libraries NPM, gulp directories to generate desired view and flux to root the
URL's properly.
- Implemented services, controllers, directives, factory functions to properly consume API on the front end and send back data in JSON
format to the back end by capturing in the UI
- Integrate internally-developed micro-services, as well as marketplace 3rd party modules
- Managed 100Ǡ client accounts and received 95% satisfaction
- Worked in team of 4 college friends to develop a website last years during graduation

07/2019 - 05/2020
Senior Frontend Developer
ONELOG; EƸgadget Manufacturing Company
EƸgadget Manufacturing Company
- Experience in using Redux to manage the application state and applying middleware such as redux-promise, redux-thunk and reduxsaga.
Really good understanding of React javascript framework and react native.
- Implemented sophisticated data visualizations using D3JS, Echarts and Highcharts
- Worked with version control system like Git, continuous integration tool such as Jenkins and bug tracking tools like Jira.
- Reduced technical production support workload by 25% by automating scripts for database backup
- Established relations with up to 40 clients in all over the country.
- Enhanced performance by 15% and Dealt with vast amount of data in SQL, PostgreSQL, My SQL, MSSQL and MongoDB.

10/2018 - 06/2019
junior React Developer
Animal Marketing
- Expertise in using React.js / Redux IJSX / Flux to build user interfaces with states, props, middleware, store, action creator, reducer,
presentational and container components and react hooks.
- Experience in building isomorphic applications using React.js TypeScript and Redux with GraphQL on server side.
- Converted data from database into JSON format files and retrieve useful information using AJAX calls to render the response in UI.
Created API driven interactive applications utilizing AJAX technology.
- Updated critical bugs with applications related to native code, device compatibility and version compatibility.
- Used JIRA for Agile project tracking and keep Sprints on track

07/2017 - 08/2018
Frontend Developer
Advertising Company
- Designed the front - end applications, user interactive web pages in a professional manner with using web technologies like HTML,
- Built web pages with navigation bars and other features that are more user-interactive using JQuery plugins, AJAX, JavaScript.
- Used Chrome developer toolbar, Firebug and safari developer tools for troubleshooting and debugging.
- Developed the application using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, JSP, Node JS, TypeScript, AngularJS Used Angular JS to develop
a standalone test application, in scope of future usage of the framework.
- Skills : Javascript, JQuery, React Node.js, Express, HTML 5, CSS3, SASS, Python, Git, Photoshop

11/2016 - 06/2017
Frontend Developer
Journal Holder
- Worked on server-side web applications using Node.js and involved in Construction of UI using JQuery, ReactJS, ExtJS, Bootstrap and
- Designed responsive UI pages using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, and react-bootstrap.
Created reusable React components for the application and used props for single directional data flow and used state for Class
- Developed 15Ǡ websites of all sorts - shops, blogs, forums, products, portfolios and advertisement
- Created custom application for corporate departments, decreasing hours-spent by an average of 75%

10/2015 - 10/2016
Front End Developer
DeVry University
IT company
- Junior Front End Developer with experience as a Ul/Web Developer in User Interface Development using Web Technologies like
HTML4/S, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, JQuery AJAX that follows W3C Web Standards, successfully managing all facets of site
development, which includes architecture, site deployment, and client management. Expertise in OOP class design.
- Developed the application using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, JSP, Node JS, AngularJS TypeScript Used Angular JS to develop a
standalonetest application, in scope of future usage of the framework.

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Profileimage by Marc Bonte Frontend Developer | Junior React Developer from Mansfield Frontend Developer | Junior React Developer