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Linux und Embedded System spezialist

Company: MNIS
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional) | French (Native or Bilingual)


Hardware                                          :    Intel-PC, STB71xx, AT91, S390, SoC ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, A8/A9/A15, CortexM3, CAN
Operating systems                           :    U-Boot, UNIX System-V, HP-UX, Linux, BSD, MacOsX, iOS, Android
Realtime Operating Systems             :    RTLinux, RTAI, eCOS, OS9, RTEMS, Partikle, Xenomai, FreeRTOS
Hypervisors                                       :    Vmware, Qemu, Xtratum, L4, Xen, MCR, X-Hyp
Clusters                                            :    HAC, Linux-HA, HPC, OpenMP, OpenCL, NCuda,
targets                                              :    ix86, 680x0, PPC, Mips, SH4, s390, ARMv5, ARMv7, Power8
Network protocols                             :    pile TCP/IP, OSI TP0 à TP4, X25 (réseau et lapb), IPSEC, Ethernet,
Networks                                          :    Firewalls, Routers, Linux VPN
Network tools                                    :    Nagios, Openview, OpenVAS
Programming languages                   :    C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, assembler: ARM, SH, MIPS, S390, PPC, Power8, Intel
Scripting                                           :    Shell Unix, KSH, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Python, XML, HTML
High level protocols                           :    NTP, SNMP, SMTP, LDAP, DNS, HTTP, 61850 GOOSE/MMS
Security                                             :    PKI, SSL, IPSEC, firewalls, netfilter, GPG, openSSL, OpenWall, SeLinux


Project history

2015  ALSTOM Massy
Field            :    Power GRID
Activities      :    Dévelopment of an inteligent device for power grid SAS. Implementation of GOOSE and MMS in a Linux embedded system
 Technical environment:
iMX6, Cortex-A9, Barebox, Linux, Xenomai, CAN, FPGA, Micrel MAC controller, 61850, Ethernet, GOOSE, MMS.

2015  IBM Toulouse/CERFACS
Field            :    HPC
Activities      :    Study of the new Power8 HPC architecture. Presentation to “meteo-france” of the IBM HPC architecture.
 Technical environment:
IBM Power8, Nvidia, Ncuda, OpenMP, MPI, OpenCL, C, Fortran, BLAS.

2014  MNIS – University Colima (Mexico)
Field            :    Linux BSP, FreeRTOS BSP, Hypervizor
Activités      :    Porting FreeRTOS on the X-Hyp/ARM hypervisor. Porting Linux on the X-Hyp/ARM hypervisor.
Adaptation of the boot, memory management (MMU), interrupt controller. Development of primary drivers, early console, console and timer.
 Technical environment:
SoC ARMv5 et ARMv7, realtime hypervizor, Linux BSP and drivers, FreeRTOS, GIT

2014  Thales Cholet
Field            :    Linux network drivers, FPGA cryptographic driver and IPSEC architecture
Activities      :    Architecture definition and implementation of an asynchrone XFRM module and FPGA driver for a crypto-router.
Technical environment:
SoC power-PC, Linux kernel, IPSEC / XFRP / EADS, driver FPGA, Doors, Clearcase

2014  Schneider Carros
Field            :    Porting Linux as eXecute In Place on a Cortex-A15
Activities      :    Design and development of embedded Linux demonstration model with kernel execution on the ROM (eXecute In Place) on dual-processor ARM Cortex-A15 / Cortex-A7 with 8MB RAM and 8MB ROM. Modification of the bootloader.
Technical environment  :
Linux embarqué, Linux ARM eXecute In Place, ARMv7 Cortex-A15. U-Boot

2010 - 2013 SIteldi - (Mexico)
Field            :    realtime hypervisor on ARMv5 and ARMv7
Activities      :    Design and development of ARMv5 and ARMv7 realtime hypervisor.  Implementation of MMU and MPU Memory handling, Trustzone, basic drivers for timer, interrupt and console, EDF, ARINC and POSIX schedulers.
 Technical environment :
SoC ARM-9 et Cortex A8, TrustZone, Realtime Hyperviseur
Continuously since 2009: ORSYS
Field            :    High-tech training courses for number 1 French training institute
Activities      :    Design and production of training support material and teaching following courses: embedded Linux, Linux kernel, uBoot and Linux BSP, Linux secutity, IPSEC firewalls, ARM assembler, C language, Shell scripting, virtualisation with XEN, realtime Linux, realtime and virtualisation, Android BSP and low level programming.
Technical environment  :
C, KSH, Linux, UBoot, BSP, VLX, OKL4, XEN, VPN, Firewalls, IPSEC, ARM, Android, GDB, OpenOCD, BuildRoot, cross-compilation, BuildRoot, OpenEmbedded,
2009  Institut Français du Pétrole - Rueil
Field            :    Xenomai / Realtime Linux
Activities      :    Linux and Xenomai training for 8 realtime specialists. Design and development of a control-command prototype using Xenomai and RTNET.
Technical environment  :
Embedded Linux, Posix 1003b, Xenomai, RTNet, Ethercat

2007 - 2008 IBM - Toulouse
Field            :    Virtualisation of Linux applications
Activities      :    Porting from IAPX32 to s390 for an exo-kernelrecord/replay application used in HPC and HA IBM applications. This includes, self-ptrace Linux kernel patch, MMU determinism kernel patch, system call interface and implementation of a userland exec. Some patch were published on the LKML.
Technical environment  :
TSA, Linux, Linux kernel, patents, Record/Replay, Checkpoint/Restart, Clusters  HPC, Clusters HA, Assembler S390, zLinux, TCP/IP stack

2006  Wyplay - Allauch
Field            :    Linux BSP - Set Top Box
Activities      :    Port of U-Boot and Linux BSP Linux on a proprietary board based on STM STB7100, power management, board prototyping and debugging.
 Technical environment :
Embedded Linux, Set Top Box.

2006  Wipro / Newlogic - Sophia Antipolis
Field            :    Bluetooth and Linux BSP
Activités      :    Bluetooth firmware development on in house RTOS. Linux driver development for different hardware: SPI, DMA, camera and graphic ship.
Technical environment  :
ARM-7, Bluetooth Baseband, ARM-9 Linux driver, graphic chipset, SPI

2005              Innova-Card - (BSP Linux) - La Ciotat
Field            :    Linux BSP – Terminal Payment Equipment
Activités      :    Secure Bootloader design. UART driver development. Embedded Linux development and testing.
Technical environment  :
Chip MIPS 4KSD , Linux BSP.

2002 - 2004 European project OCERA
Field            :    Open Components for Embedded Realtime Applications
Activities      :    Management of the documentation team. Integration of RTLinux kernel and rootfs on MC-8240 and ARM/iPAQ. Design and development of the Onetd driver interfacing RTLinux realtime applications and Linux TCP/IP. Technical Assistance for the network integration team.
Technical environment  :
CAN, TCP/IP, Linux, RTLinux, Ethereal

1995 – 2002            MNIS
Field            :    Different activities related to MNIS Linux Distribution
Activities      :    Creation of a Linux distribution for the “Direction Générale des Impôts”
Creation of the first French Linux distribution
Linux driver for a CD recorder Sony.
1992 – 1995           Deutsche Telekom
Field            :    UNIX hotline level 3
Activities      :    Technical Leader in a Unix Hotline level 3 in Darmstadt, Germany
Technical environment  :
UNIX AT&T, Informix database, IBM SP2, HP-9000, SCO, Linux
1988 – 1992            Siemens
Field            :    Network Interface Card driver developer
Activities      :    Development of UNIX and Sinix drivers for Ethernet, Multibus II, ISO TP-4
Technical environment  :
UNIX AT&T, SINIX, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Multibus II

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