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Tim Rowley


Last update: 29.10.2018

Web Designer/Developer; SEO Consultant and Digital Marketer

Company: Web 4 Panama
Graduation: Business Studies to post graduate level ; Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | French (Limited professional) | Spanish (Full Professional)


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • In-depth structural audits
    • niche keyword research and the production of content strategies to coordinate writers
    • Keyword SERP performance tracking (alongside competitors)
    • Back-link analysis and linking strategies
    • Competitor research
    • Local SEO for brick and mortar businesses
    • Multi-location SEO, international SEO, multi-lingual SEO
    • SEO for YouTube, Amazon, Air bnb, and other search engines
  • Web Design and Web Development : Wordpress, Bootstrap, WooCommerce, Shopify, 
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
    • Facebook Messenger Chatbots - these offer so many advantages
    • E-mail and CRM
    • Video marketing (most companies have some video now - few are realizing their potential reach)
    • Marketing automation
    • Lead Generation
  • Customizing Google Analytics to maximize marketing intelligence
    • Other analytics platforms
    • Custom made reporting dashboards to conveniently access most of your important KPI's
  • Social Media and Community Management
    • Social media
      • Content creation
      • Publishing
      • Follower Growth
    • Niche specific channels (for some niches there are much better places than Facebook)
    • Social monitoring and Online Reputation Management
  • Online Advertising Campaigns: Google (Adwords, Network ads, YouTube) Social media ads : Facebook, Instagram, Linked In
    • Advanced audience targeting
    • Ad creative
    • Multi-channel advertising
    • Advanced data analysis and reporting
  • Creative Services
    • Copywriting (SEO friendly adhering to content strategy)
    • Photography and PhotoShop
    • Video Production - editing, color grading - audio mastering
    • Motion graphics (logo animations and intros for your videos)
    • Animated explainer videos (avatars personas,  and hands writing the spoken text on a whiteboard)
    • Graphic Design and developing Brand Identity
I first studied photography and design full time in the early 80's before studying business to post-graduate level in British Universities. I also have certification in Desk Top Publishing and am an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).
I first ran a graphic design business in the early 90's, when it was all for the printed medium, only the government and the BBC has websites back then.
In my many years as a professional musician (performance and teaching), I had three websites of my own to represent my various activities.
I have worked independently with website and digital marketing technologies since the end of 2011. I love the work, which gives me a good balance between the technical and the creative.
I have an in-depth knowledge of SEO and see a good content strategy as central to all digital marketing that uses written text. I have an in-depth knowledge of many web technologies needed for work on the structural aspects of SEO. 
Video is becoming necessary to attract attention, retain audiences and fulfill the Call To Action of the pages. Most companies have embraced the need for video but very few are optimizing their YouTube channels, which has a huge potential for appearing in search results, and other benefits.

Project history

you can see clients listed in my website at

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Panama
I'm a Brit living in the Republic of Panamá.
I am willing to travel for short periods.
All work can be carried out remotely with the exception of actually holding the camera for photography or video. If I'm to become part of a team on an on-going basis then there can be advantage in physically spending time in the same office as an induction. Remote conference calls are cheaper.


I studied photography ans design in the early 80,s before studying business at universtites to post-graduate level.
I first ran a graphic design agency in the early 90's.
I made my first websites in 2004.
I have been full time independent in digital marketing since Dec. 2011. I have a small team of talented associates that I can draw upon to meet tight deadlines or to join me with larger accounts.
I make excellent websites - but a pretty website is not enough. I am expert in SEO and many other aspects of digital marketing, both creative and technical.
On top of SEO and the development of startegies for content and back-linkg, I recommend a lot of video, optimizing your YouTube channel, Facebook Messenger chatbots (so many advantages!), and adopting social media beyond just Facebook and Twitter.
Profileimage by Tim Rowley Web Designer/Developer; SEO Consultant and Digital Marketer from Panama Web Designer/Developer; SEO Consultant and Digital Marketer