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Last update: 23.11.2022

Syncade MES Advanced Services Senior Principal Engineer

Company: Emerson
Graduation: BS Instrumentation and Control Engineering
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


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  • Implementation, Optimization, Maintenance of the Syncade Software Suite in a GMP-compliant environment. From Planning through Documentation to Execution.
  • Determining the areas of concern and improvement by providing system assessments in customers’ Syncade MES systems.
  • Responsible for doing onsite/remote Syncade v4 and v6 installation
  • Providing top level system upgrade implementation plan.
  • Responsible in doing BI installation for MES to ERP integration
  • Responsible in doing assessment and configuration for Syncade-DeltaV integration.
  • Responsible on doing system assessment review and implementation for Syncade migrations (e.g existing system will change OS, SQL versions and etc)
  • Develop documentation required for validated facilities
  • Understand the project scope, and participate in the project proposals (with Project Manager) to ensure successful project execution
  • Develop and improve processes, procedures and tools used in the execution of projects
  • Assisting Product Engineering and GSC for Guardian Support issue escalations if needed.
  • Proactively develop customer relationships; anticipate and provide solutions to customer needs giving high priority to customer satisfaction
  • Provides Syncade Admin Technical Training for both Emerson Impact Partners and Customers thru Ed Center.
  • Syncade Professional Services Certified by Emerson Service Management Office

Project history

09/2021 - Present
Syncade Advanced Services Senior Principal Engineer
Emerson (>10.000 employees)

09/2013 - 11/2022
Syncade System Admin (Resident Engineer)
Bristol Myers Squibb
* Provided support for an integrated manufacturing execution platform using MES - Syncade .
* Played a key role in the testing and implementation of the Manufacturing IT systems
capabilities being delivered through the BMS Paperless Plant Initiative.
* Test Script implementation in Syncade Simulation Systems.
* Helped develop and maintain a MES support strategy that integrates process knowledge, equipment
design, and quality standards with information technology to reduce down-time, elevate the level
of regulatory compliance, and introduce efficiency gains through effective use of available
* Responsible for the software and data maintenance of computer systems (especially Emerson's
Syncade) used for the development, testing, and the production of bulk drug substances.
* Project implementation of Weigh and Dispense 4.6 (Campaign Dispensing)
* Worked as a part of Emerson's Advanced Services team and ensured that the project
implementation will be completed in a timely manner.

11/2014 - 09/2021
Syncade Principal Product Engineer
EMERSON; Syncade Advanced Services
* Analyze and evaluate organization's Syncade operations and procedures to offer recommendations
based on findings; assisted management in identifying issues, sorting solutions and implementing
* Identified as subject matter expert for different Syncade softwares: Operations, Logbooks and
Logistics Marine Movements.
* Provide expert guidance to management on the process of changes and problem-solving.
* Responsible for providing technical support, consultation and remote diagnostics for the
Syncade systems for World Wide end-user customers and engineering organizations. This involves
troubleshooting, problem analysis and providing solutions to hardware, software, installation,
configuration, integration and application inquires.
* Troubleshoot and develop technical solutions for customer issues related to software, hardware
set up, and configuration.
* Develop workaround solutions for issues related to software errors.
* Deploy solutions on live systems critical to customer business operations.
* Provide input to Syncade Technology on the requirements of future engineering tools, based on
investigation of field issues.

01/2020 - 05/2020
Sales/Marketing Support
* Support Emerson Korea Sales team by providing on site demonstration of the Syncade product.
* Provide some guidance on project management and scheduling
* Conducts technical feasibilities for customer specific requirements

11/2016 - 05/2020
Project Execution Lead
Hanmi Pharmaceutical Global Plant
* Oversee the site situation for the design concepts.
* Coordinate development efforts and develop plans for each specification.
* Support on going site Recipe pre-test. Contribute to all efforts needed for successful
implementation of these tests.
* Understanding the customer site activities and operations performed at various stages &
evaluate for changes.
* Impact assessment of the changes in the various modules/objects. Analyse and propose changes in
the design as per initial scope.
* Facilitate & recommend best practice for MES implementation amongst team.
* Identification of additional activities and effort estimation for these activities.
* Resource planning for additional activities to be performed from Emerson office.
* Discussing schedule for remote site resources.
* Delegating responsibilities to the Emerson team according to their strengths.
* Understand the project milestones and plan going ahead for this project.
* Understand customer expectation and project plan for achieving SAT & then Go-Live.
* Identify & formulate mitigation plans for any identified risks after above discussions.
* Provide support to MES to ERP integration via Emerson BI or MES2ERP.

10/2016 - 05/2020
Syncade DMS Technical Lead
Emerson Onsite Services Projects
* Provides Advanced Technical Support to all MES customers in South Korea
* Assists Emerson sales team in technical queries
* Provides Product training to DMS engineers
* Conducts regular site maintenance for Syncade Software (Handok Pharmaceutical and Green Cross
* Provide Technical Consultancy for the EPM Korea's MES new projects (Hanmi Pharmaceuticals and
Samsung Biologics)
* Lead User Acceptance Testing in Hanmi Pharmaceutical
* Lead the validated installation activities on customer sites.

03/2011 - 11/2014
Senior Technical Support Engineer (Syncade Team Lead)
EMERSON; Syncade Advanced Services
* Responsible for providing technical support, consultation and on-site/remote diagnostics on
Emerson Process Management products/systems, including DeltaV DCS, Syncade and PlantWeb
installations for systems in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin
America end-user customers and engineering organizations. This involves troubleshooting, problem
analysis solution to installation, configuration and integration
* Successfully works to reduce product problem resolution time and support efforts to develop
training and troubleshooting resources (e.g. procedures, diagnostics, and documentation).
* Communicates & coordinates with Emerson Business Partners and Field Service Organizations
worldwide, technology, marketing and manufacturing to resolve customer product problems at a
local and global level, correct product issues, and gives input on product direction.
* Maintains ownership of all customer problems received provides timely updates and sets the
escalation priority.
* Isolate issues to particular product area and can resolve simple application and consulting
* Uses resources required to resolve simple applications and consulting calls
* Communicates effectively with customers in written and oral forms.
* Responsible for providing Technical support for syncade modules like SA, DCA, IM, MM, OM, RA,
Portal, RA Behavior,WD, Workflow and SC Consumer.
* Providing Technical Support for IO busses like fieldbus, profibus, hart, devicenet and As-I.
Can handle technical issues with Wireless Field Network.
* Have a deeper understanding on Windows Operating Systems 2003/2008, XP, NT and Windows 7.
* Handling customer issues with regards to Softwares and Databases like SQL and IIS.

Manages the following:
* Syncade Operations Management (Document Control and Archiving, Order Management, Recipe
Authoring, Workflow, Inventory Management, Security and Audit, Materials Management)
* DeltaV Software Applications (Pi Legacy Continuous Historian, DeltaV Continuous Historian
(DVCH), DeltaV Version Control (VCAT), DeltaV Objectivity Configuration database, DeltaV Analyze,
DeltaV PlantWeb Messenger, DeltaV Event Chronicle, DeltaV OPC, OPC.Net, OPC Xi, OPCXMLGateway,
DeltaV Webservices, DeltaV Batch Historian)
* Windows Operating Systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows
Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows
Server 2022 Hyper-V Operating System for DeltaV Virtualization)
* Crystal Reports X and XML,
* SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server

10/2012 - 04/2013
Product Engineer for Syncade MES
Emerson Process Management
* Directly communicates with Technology to provide strategic input for product direction.
* Troubleshoots critical technical issues regarding the software, escalated by the technical
support team. This includes testing customer configuration (recipes) and remote diagnosis of
their MES. Has general knowledge of all Syncade modules, but specializes in DCA and WD4.6.
* Answered client calls regarding usability issues and software errors
* Provided detailed information on software functionality and intended operations.
* Supported development and software quality assurance to ensure optimal progress and product
stability for end users

02/2010 - 02/2011
TPM team leader
* Performs TPM activity of Toshiba machineries
* Machine Troubleshooting and repair
* Machine Assembly and troubleshooting
* Machine Air Particle Monitoring
* Conducts Training and Seminars regarding PLC, Machine Assembly, Sensor Functionality,
Pneumatics and Electro-pneumatics

06/2008 - 02/2011
Maintenance Engineer

01/2009 - 01/2010
Technical Trainer

10/2007 - 04/2008
Process and Qualification Engineer
* Process all engineering evaluation lots in the production
* Evaluate the error and abnormalities of the products and machines of Psi Technologies
* Disseminate to the production personnel the plans of management regarding the product issue
* Machine Evaluation (ESEC wirebond and Die attach)

Emerson Location
* Emerson -Pasig City, Philippines Office

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Philippines
Profileimage by Jordec Jornales Syncade MES Advanced Services Senior Principal Engineer from SanIsidro Syncade MES Advanced Services Senior Principal Engineer