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Profileimage by Martin Dvorak Change Management, Business Tranformation, Business Transition, Digital Transformation from Aarau
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Profileimage by Martin Dvorak Change Management, Business Tranformation, Business Transition, Digital Transformation from Aarau
Experienced Digital and Change Management Leader with a proven track of implemented large-scale, complex business projects and agile transformations for best in class organizations in global industries. Economics Degree from Zurich University of Applied Sciences with 20+ years of international project management experience and large transitions (mergers, outsourcing to GBS/SSCs, processes and system implementations, digitalization, cost savings) with multicultural teams. Helps organizations to translate strategic goals into effective operating models in fast moving environments. Utilizes a wide range of methodologies and models including Six Sigma, Lean and APQC Knowledge Management and Oracle Unified Method (OUM).
Works towards implementation of the best practices and resolution of constraints. Respects cultural differences to create business value and delivers tangible benefits of global transformation initiatives. Able to ensure compliance, governance, costs and service level KPIs. Strong focus on results, accountable and responsible with a pragmatic hands-on and solution-oriented approach. Solid ability to collaborate with multiple levels of the business, from board to functional teams coaching and enabling them to success. First class interpersonal skills with well-build client focus.
Speaks fluent English, German, French and Czech.

General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Procurement, Inventory, Assets, Order Management, Cash Management, Projects, Sales, Marketing, iStore, iPayment, iExpenses, Human Resources, Financial Analyzer, Discoverer.

In today’s changing world, we face outside disruption of modern societies on a scale that most people have never witnessed. You need solutions which can correspond to a faster, more flexible and agile world while complexity and data volumes are increasing.

So let’s face it and get the changes done!

✔ Without considering both financial and people factors, business transformation projects will fail. People need stability and orientation when going through changes. Different mind sets and cultures need to be respected, otherwise you will not get their buy in. The consequence? Never ending transitions, raising costs and low employees’ motivation.
✔ For large large-scale and complex projects, you will benefit from an experienced change management and business transformation leader, who knows how to handle programs in challenging times, to work in different countries and to understand diverse cultures.
✔ My excellent strategic, consulting and operational skills combined with an entrepreneurial mindset will help your business to get the expected tangible results.

✔ I work with executives who need experts to translate their global strategies into changes, actions and deliverables.
✔ Optimized costs, digital solutions, improved processes and new operating models based on best practices and change management methodologies.
✔ A strengthened alignment and collaboration between all stakeholders.

✔ A fully led business transition from the analysis to the stabilization.
✔ Implement strategy and roadmaps.
✔ Deliver sustained benefits.
✔ Provide measurable KPI’s and visible values supported by business cases.
✔ Develop projects' documentation, communication tools and facilitate engagement meetings.
✔ Coach, supervise and guide your project teams through the changes and enabling them to success.

✔ I coach, consult and act globally. I am Swiss/Czech and live in Switzerland. I started as Oracle ERP Consultant and took a leadership position to build up an E-Business division for a global IT Service Provider. I contribute as a speaker on international conferences and was president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Zurich, Switzerland.
✔ At 33, when the New Economy Internet bubble busted, I quit my job and started as an independent consultant and founded my own company Martin Dvorak Consulting GmbH.
✔ Read about my posts and track records (solutions for you on my homepage) and my recommendations below.

Global Oracle E-Business Suite Migration to Release 12.2.4

November 2013 – ongoing

Change Consultant

Functional Business Change Consultant for the Technical Migration in the Finance Stream.

Setup of the new R12 modules and functionalities such as EBTax, Payments and Banks.

Design and build various test cycles such as Sanity Testing, Unit Testing, Custom Programs and Reports Testing, CRP, SIT and UAT.

Data Analysis and improvement of the data integrity during the different upgrade cycles.

Conduct workshops for the specific country requirements.

SEPA Implementation.

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4
Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10
HP Quality Center

Integration into the Global Oracle E-Business Suite

October 2012 – September 2013

Change Lead

Change Lead for integrating the Swiss Subsidiary into the global Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3.

Advised on best practice for the global 11.5.10 to Release 12.1.3 Upgrade.

Ensuring SOX Compliance.

Map / gap, business requirements and recommendations, CRP’s, SIT, data conversion and UAT for global processes such as Hire to Retire (HR, Payroll, SSHR), Procure to Pay (iProcurement, Purchasing, iExpenses, Payables), Quote to Cash (Order Management, Pricing, Shipping, Receivables), Record to Report (General Ledger, Subledger Accounting, eBTax, Multiple Ledger Best Practice, Reporting), Acquire to Retire (Assets), Demand to Build (WIP, BOM) and Inventory to Fulfil (Inventory, Costing).

Scope included General Ledger, Subledger Accounting, eBTax, Payables, Receivables, Assets, Purchasing, iProcurement, Internet Expenses, Order Management, Pricing, Shipping, Inventory, Costing, WIP, BOM, Routings, Supply Chain, Human Resources and Business Objects.

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 (GL, SLA, ZX, AP, AR, FA, PO, CE, OIE, FSG, Web ADI, INV, ICX, HR, SA, OM, AME, BOM, WIP, WSH, CLE, CST, AGIS) and Business Objects.

New Enterprise Data Warehouse (OFSAA) at Group Bank Level

February 2011 – September 2012
Change Analyst and Business Intelligence Consultant

Change Analyst in the Enterprise Data Warehouse Program at group bank level.

Implementing the new Outbound Interface to Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA 5.6) for the new MIS Head Office Project, which is fully integrated into the new Enterprise Data Warehouse Program.

Provide business analysis for business intelligence and data warehouse components which relate to OFSAA, such as month end processing, funds transfer pricing, cost accounting, standard unit costs and profitability management.

Managing data governance and alignment with business entities and support for content related business intelligence and data warehouse questions.

Amongst with the implementation of the solution, ensure all data requirements and changes are gathered and data provided is in sufficient quality and completeness for OFSAA. Aligned approach with relevant business departments from accounting, controlling and risk.

Analyzing the business data modelling, business data requirements and the dimension mapping from source systems to 15 target dimensions required in OFSAA to ensure appropriate data quality, business logic and completeness regarding the OFSAA outbound interface layer.

Identify business and data gaps against the OFSAA layer. Provide additionally required OFSAA functionalities for the group.

Transformation of the MIS OFSAA data requirements to fit into the business data structures, business data terms and business data elements modelling process, which is based on the FS-LDM (Financial Services Logical Data Model).

Analyze the consolidated results from the data stream. Support in the clustering and prioritization of the content.

Data quality control regarding linkage between business requirements, data groups, OFSAA logical and physical data model and functionality against the future solution.

Definition of OFSAA business acceptance criteria, based on mapping towards granularity, frequency, actuality and information requirements.

Establishing high level presentations covering OFSAA functionality including master data, monthly processing, funds transfer pricing, cost center accounting, unit cost calculation and profitability model. Provide know how transfer ensuring the understanding to the true contribution of each business unit, product and customer relationship to the bank’s overall profitability on a risk-adjusted basis.

Functional support in the OFSA 4.5 to the OFSAA 5.2 migration.

As a result, the bank achieves accurate and faster monthly reporting, which enables sound business decisions on a thorough understanding of the profitability and a single point of truth, aligned with risk. New harmonized funds transfer pricing rules, more granular view on proprietary business resulting in better visibility on different dimensions and hierarchies and a multi dimensional profitability measurement on products, customers, pricing and the accountability of managers.

Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications OFSAA 5.6, OFSA 4.5, Oracle Funds Transfer Pricing (TP), Oracle Risk Manager (RM), Oracle Budgeting & Planning (BP), Oracle Performance Analyzer (PA), Oracle Financial Data Manager (FDM) and
Teradata FS-LDM.

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Reimplementation and Rollout

April 2010 – December 2010

Change Manager and Trainer


Oracle E-Business Suite training development on Release 12.1 and UPK 3.6.1.

Impact analysis on the reimplementation from Oracle Release 11.5 to Release 12.1 for the training deliverables.

Focus on new functionality in Release 12 such as Payments, Subledger Accounting, Netting, eBTax, Banks, Ledger Structures and Enterprise Asset Management.

Scope, design and delivery of training for Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Israel for General Ledger, Payables, iExpenses, Receivables, iReceivables, Assets, Procurement, Cash Management, Subledger Accounting, E-Business Tax, Process Manufacturing Costing, Enterprise Asset Management and Netting.

Advised on best practice regarding full rollout to prevent sustaining support.

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 und Oracle User Productivity Kit 3.6.1 (UPK). Modules: GL, AP, AR, OPM Costing, FA, EAM, PO, CE, OIE, FSG, ADI, iRec, Subledger Accounting, eBTax and Netting.

Global Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 Rollout

November 2007 – March 2010

Change Consultant and Project Manager


Defined the global Procure to Pay process on Oracle’s E-Business Suite Release 12. Implemented the procurement change strategy in Central Europe.

Led the Oracle part of the classified demerger project. Successfully converted the Oracle data into a 3rd party system. Transition of the remaining parts into the European Shared Services Centre in Poland.

Implemented in time the new Oracle Global Finance System in Austria including Oracle’s Procurement, Payables, Cash Management, General Ledger, Receivables, Inventory, Assets and Internet Expenses.

Communicated change effectively and enabled the decentralized purchasing process. Organized and achieved the Purchase Order / Payables invoice matching ratio from 3% to 86% within 3 months.

Developed over 20 different functional specifications for customized features, legal, statutory and management reporting.

Built Oracle Reports in FSG for year end close based on Austrian accounting law.

As a result, improved the processes, reliability, performance and ease of use of Oracle’s E-Business Suite System.

Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 and Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (GL, AP, AR, FA, PO, CE, OIE, FSG, ADI, INV, iProc, iSupp, HR, SA, OM)

Period : since December 2004
Company/client: Bank
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Business System Engineering, Business Process Management
and Business Intelligence in the Finance & Accounting area
within Consumer Finance.
Software : Oracle Data Warehouse, Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.8 (GL, AP, PO, FA, IE)
Oracle Discoverer, Oracle ADI, Oracle FSG
Host Legacy Application, ColumbusR Data Warehouse

Period : October 2004 - November 2004
Company/client: World's premier toy brand
Role : Oracle E-Business Suite Consultant
Location : Europe
Project : Conducting Eastern European roll out of Oracle E-Business Suite,
which is part of the Global Transformation Project.
Met delivery target within timeframe.
Making sure global footprint complies with legal and statutory
requirements for Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Introduction and development of local business practices and forms.
Taking business requirements, defining future state designs and
executing set up of General Ledger, Payables, Receivables,
Cash Management, Assets, Procurement, iExpenses and Project Accounting.
Sofware : Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.8 (GL, AP, AR, PO, FA, IE, CE, PA)

Period : November 2003 - September 2004
Company/client: Information Technology
Role : Business Process Analyst
Location : Switzerland, UK, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Spain & Portugal
Project : Oracle Project Accounting EMEA Roll out.
Six Sigma Project for one country.
Responsible for driving the Change Acceptance Plan activities
per country which are targeted in the Oracle Project Accounting
roll out. Analyse, develop and drive the Country Change
Acceptance Plan with the EMEA Change Manager, Country Change
Managers and Business Solution Group Engagement Managers.
Driving Change Acceptance Plan focusing on Business Process Re-
engineering in order to deliver projects successfully, with
improved profitability and operated more efficiently. Understanding
of local Professional Services business processes and the related
roles, the end state (business readiness) and map a business
transition plan to achieve that end state using Change Acceptance
Plan methodologies. Map processes and roles to achieve end state.
Document the changed core business processes, organisational impacts,
roles and responsibilities.
Sofware : Oracle Projects 11i

Period : October 2003 - November 2003
Company/client: Restaurant chain
Role : Oracle E-Business Suite Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : eBusiness concept for restaurant chain
Sofware : Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.9 (iStore, iPayment, OM, PO, INV, GL, AP, AR)

Period : since September 2003
Company/client: University
Role : University Lecturer
Location : Switzerland
Project : Lecturing CRM for post graduates

Period : December 2002 - July 2003
Company/client: High Tech
Role : Oracle Business Analyst
Location : France, UK and Ireland.
Project : Improved order processing standardisation of the pan European
front- (CRM) und back office (ERP). Delivered a business process
with supporting system changes. Increased order velocity by 115%
for account and 296% for credit card orders, accuracy and quality
by reducing rejection rate with 85%, reduced order processing costs
resulting in $3.8M annual savings, improved sales productivity and
visibility of the order pipeline and scalable process to support
standardisation and centralisation.
Managed 7 different visions, scopes and functional specifications
in the order processing area.
Provided go live and post implementation support for Southern Europe.
Carried out business process improvement in the prepaid orders area
for EMEA by leading interviews, data gathering, analysis and
recommendations from metrics. $1.5M annual savings.
Captured 20 - 50 issues per specification and initiated corresponding
improvements for the future processes.
Developed 12 different process improvement scenarios to achieve common
European process.
Software : Oracle e-Business Suite 11.5.9, Oracle DB Serveur 9i (+10g),
Oracle RAC 9i (+10g) on platform IBM xSeries (Windows 2000 and
Linux), pSeries AIX 5L, HACMP and GPFS.
Brio Enterprise Version 6

Period: : January 2001 - November 2002
Company/client: IT System Integrator
Role : Manager eBusiness Swiss operations
Location : Europe
Projects : As a member of the expanded management staff, I planned and
carried out all eBusiness activities of the Swiss branch.
Led expansion and development of the eBusiness group by 25%,
improving utilization rate and revenue by 93%, increased quality,
personnel enhancement and customer satisfaction.
Managed, coordinated and executed the groups? eBusiness approach
to the market and to clients.
Monitored the monthly business performance and managed delivery.
Evaluated business opportunities, product portfolio development,
new contracts and workshops. Increased delivery backlog by 70%.
Delegated project execution including consulting and system
integration to eSolutions staff.
While acting as eBusiness manager, coached eight eBusiness
consulting staff members.
Software ERP : Oracle Applications, JD Edwards, Baan
Software CRM : SAP CRM, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Saratoga Systems, Update, Coheris, Applix,
Blue Martini
Software CMS : Tridion, Interwoven, Vignette, RedDot, Obtree
Software other: Ariba, Commerce One, SAP EBP, Broadvision, Intershop, Documentum, Hummingbird,
Bea WebLogic, Inktomi, Lotus Notes, Silverstream, Business Objects, Cognos,
Matrix One

Period : April 2002
Company/client: Swiss Government
Role : Engagement Manager
Location : Bern
Project : Package evaluation CMS, focus on XML technology
Software : Tridion DialogServer

Period : August 1999 - Juli 2000
Company/client: Telecom & ISP
Role : Senior Oracle Analyst
Location : Zurich, Geneva, London
Project : Implementation of eight Oracle Applications modules for the Swiss subsidiary.
Coordination between group IT and Swiss management.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.7

Period : January 1999 - July 1999
Company/client: Utilities
Role : Business Analyst
Location : Germany
Projekt : Developed call center strategy and facilitated CRM-related workshops for
the Customer Care Center and Sales Force Automation. Scope and Design,
writing SQL Scripts.
Software : Peoplesoft (Vantive) 8.0

Period : June - July 1999
Company/client: Paper Industry
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Business Consultant ERP Package Evaluation. Redesigned business
processes, extracting functionality from the processes and
representing it using a functionality matrix. This task was done
for the finance, sales, purchasing, logistics, cost accounting
and accounts payable departments. Developed a business case for
the sales department. Developed a Request for Proposal (RFP) for
the possible software solution. Supported the evaluation of various
software vendors using customer specific scorecards.
Software : Oracle Applications, SAP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Baan, Movex

Period : April 1999
Company/client: High Tech
Role : Trainer
Location : Munich
Project : Key user training in Oracle General Ledger, Receivables and Payables.
Software : Oracle Applications 11.0.3

Period : September 1998 - December 2000
Company/client: Telecommunications
Role : Project Manager
Location : Switzerland
Project : Led procurement, fixed assets and inventory strategy and implementation,
following AIM, which resulted in NPV of CHF 13M - CHF 19.5M in savings
and CHF 1.3M in total cost over 6 years.
Trained key users and full training for 50 end users.
Analysed client?s specific requirements for procurement, inventory
and fixed assets management. Sold and developed together with a
partner consulting company a new training tool. Advised on future
changes regarding moving towards eProcurement. In December 1998 the
project went live using new and decentralised purchasing processes
for all departments.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.7

Period : December 1998
Company/client: High Tech
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Business ConsultantOracle FSG Business Mapping.
Key user training Oracle General Ledger FSG and Budget.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.7

Period : July 1998 - October 1998
Company/client: Heating Systems
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : As project manager redefined the scope at the clients subsidiary.
Completed analysis of current and future business baseline for
Oracle General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
following AIM. Delivered multiorganisation analysis for the set of
books structure. Defined interface requirements for receivables and
payables transactions. Defined new chart of accounts in accord with
USGAAP, customer and vendor mapping templates, end user acceptance
testing and training. Organised end user training.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.6

Period : June 1998
Company/client: Metal Industry
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Delivered various scenarios for the implementation of Oracle Cost
Management. Provided cost centre analysis.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.6

Period : May 1998 - July 1998
Company/client: Financial Institution
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Instituted a change management initiative and project review with
focus on customization issues. Developed recommendation strategy
with proposed solutions, resource and project planning and costs
estimates. Ensured implementation could continue within the new
strategy. Developed online reports with Oracle Financial Analyzer.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.7

Period : December 1997 - August 1998
Company/client: Leisure & Entertainment
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Zurich, Prague, Munich, London
Project : Ensured the roll out in the cash-out project within the Central
European area. Implemented Oracle General Ledger, Cash Management,
Financial Statement Generator, Accounts Payable and General Ledger
Desktop Integrator, following AIM for the largest hotel in the Czech
Republic. Analysed and mapped local requirements, end user training,
module set up (Oracle Fixed Assets, Purchasing, Inventory), data
conversion and go live support in the Czech Republic and in Germany.
Provided post live support for the Zurich pilot site. Implementation
review with recommendations for the European roll out to the
headquarter in London.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.7

Period : July 1997 - December 1997
Company/client: Re-insurance
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Defined future business processes for a new cost accounting system
and chart of accounts, following USGAAP. Ensured implementation of
General Ledger, following AIM. Delivered project 10 days earlier
than agreed in scope. Analysed current and future business process
baseline regarding the cost allocation of all administration costs
within the company for actual and budget figures. Implemented
management reports using Oracle Financial Statement Generator.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.6

Period : June 1997
Company/client: Trade Promotion
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Delivered RD020 Current Business Baseline for Oracle Accounts Payable.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.7

Period : June 1997
Company/client: Paper Industry
Role : Business Consultant & Change Management
Location : Switzerland
Project : Initiated customisation estimation and upgrading.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.4

Period : May 1997
Company/client: Oil & Gas
Role : Sales Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Sold 150 consulting days for a Swiss-Russian gas company.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.6

Period : March 1997 - May 1997
Company/client: Financial Services
Role : Trainer
Location : Switzerland
Project : Provided special training in Oracle General Ledger and Cost Accounting.
Developed Mass Allocations scenarios, set up and education of complex
cost allocations for the Controlling Schweiz unit.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.6

Period : June 1996 - April 1997
Company/client: Air Conditioning
Role : Business Consultant
Location : France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria
Project : Implemented a global template in the debit area for 15 European countries.
Project manager for the Central and Eastern European countries, implementing
Oracle General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, following
USGAAP. Re-engineered the accounts receivable process for entire Europe.
Ensured conversion of legacy data and post implementation support for
6 countries across Europe.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.6

Period : May 1996
Company/client: Telecom
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Carried out migration strategy for release 10.
Analysed legal and statutory requirements for the Italian subsidiary.
Software : Oracle Applications 10

Period : April - June 1996
Company/client: Government
Role : Business Consultant
Location : Switzerland
Project : Developed reports using the New Public Management (NPM) model.
Set up of new NPM chart of accounts in Oracle General Ledger.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.6

Period : October 1994 - December 1995
Company/client: IT
Role : Project Analyst
Location : United Kingdom, Switzerland
Project : Analyzed and redesigned Oracle Financials and legacy processes and
core finance and administrative functions within the Europe-Africa
Division. Created a cross-border Shared Services Center (SSC) in
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Developed business cases to prove
$20M annual savings when project completed in 1997. Planned projects
and scheduled ten sub-projects with 200 people assigned to a total
of 1?500 tasks. Performed site-selection analysis throughout Europe.
Developed an Activity Based Costing (ABC) model, best practices and
benchmarking with a leading management consulting company. Implemented
the new VAT for the Swiss subsidiary.
Software : Oracle Applications 10.5, Legacy Systems

Period : 1989 - 1992
Company/client: Computers
Role : Financial Analyst
Location : Switzerland
Project : Prepared and consolidated annual budgets and monthly forecasts for the
Swiss subsidiary that generated $450M revenue. Implemented reporting
and consolidation software Micro Control for the local management.
Coordinated quarterly review meetings held with the headquarters?
senior management.
Software : Micro Control
available on site or remotely
international mobility