Where to find IT contractors?

IT contractors across the Globe are available to work on individual projects on a short or long-term employment basis. This can be based in house on the clients location or remote from anywhere in the world. An IT contractor has the advantage of applying their skills to a diverse range of exciting projects, while a client is able to pick the best candidates for their project according to their specific requirements. Specialized in the ever-evolving field of IT, contractors are in high demand.
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Freelancing websites like freelancermap.com provide user-friendly platforms where IT contractors and IT clients are brought together. Contractors are able to present their skill set, such as past experiences and particular fields of expertise, on a detailed profile that is unique to them. This profile opens up many opportunities for the IT contractor, whose particular skill set can be quickly and easily searched by clients. Freelancing websites are a fast and efficient method for both IT clients and IT contractors to find the right match, thus saving time and resources. Contractors tend to be flexible with their rate of pay, and are often open to negotiation so that both parties are satisfied.

IT professionals - fields of expertise

The IT arena is broad, and IT contractors tend to excel and specialize in a chosen field.

Website development experts: Website development is the back end of the website, which enables functionality according to requirements. Tasks range from creating simple plain text pages to complicated applications. It can include the set up and coding of a website, 'fixing' and updating existing websites, implementing and modifying e-commerce, website server configuration, and website migration. Contractors may specialize in languages such as MYSQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, ASP and CSS.

Software development experts: Software development includes the design and implementation of a stand-alone software program, integration, and modifications and improvements to existing programs. It involves coding, maintenance, and bug testing to ensure that the program is running as intended. A large program might be broken down into smaller tasks, and contractors may be recruited for an individual task or for the complete project.

Networking and information systems experts: IT Contractors in the field of networking and information systems carry out tasks such as installing networks, diagnosing problems, and supporting and maintaining computer networks. An efficient network can provide fast and easy communications between businesses, clients and staff. Other tasks may involve correcting faults in an existing network, technical support, website management, and the set up and management of an email system.

Interactive multimedia and design experts: Interactive multimedia and design contractors are able to design and code interactive computer applications and web pages. This entails coding in programming languages, and utilizing creative software programs. Examples of projects include interactive online surveys, and mapping software. Tasks may involve the development of design tools, maintenance of existing applications, and creating graphical interfaces.

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