Snapchat unleashes spectacles via yellow vending machines


Snapchat announced Spectacles back in September and everybody was kind of surprised. The company is not exactly known as a hardware maker. Plus, Google, a giant in every sense of the word, tried and failed on the Glass front. But Snapchat might have found the way. For 130 dollars, the camera sunglasses are now available… kind of.

It’s all about marketing. Spectacles are already an exclusive product that not everyone can get their hands on. They’re not available for purchase in stores or online, Spectacles arrive via yellow vending machines. These “Snapbots” appear in different locations and stay there for 24 hours. Last Thursday, they appeared in Venice Beach, California.

Not just the Snapbots are part of unveiling marketing strategy for Spectacles, though. Google Glass was a serious gadget, people immediately started worrying about integration with other technology as well as future implications. Spectacles are meant to be fun. They work only with Snapchat, you can see when a video is being made because the circle lights up and they’re relatively cheap. Mind you, 130 dollars is not what everybody can spend on something that’s just quirky and fun, but it’s more affordable than Google Glass, which used to cost more than 1,000 dollars. Although, Spectacles are already being sold on eBay for that amount and more.

Spectacles aren’t a high-tech gadget. They work well, are affordable and don’t look bad at all. Videos obviously won’t have the quality of something you make with a high-end smartphone, but it’s enough for sharing fun moments. And with your hands not having to hold a camera, people who view your snaps can really dive in into that first-person perspective. Spectacles might be a surprising success, because the company treats them as a fun casual product.

Pic: ©Snapchat Spectacles
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