Instagram is updating its Stories with three new features


Just three months ago, Instagram launched its own version of Snapchat’s stories. And while the company itself admits that they’re not the ones who came up with the concept, they’re trying to push it further than Snapchat is willing to. Instagram just added links, mentions and the ability to use Boomerangs in Stories. Here’s what the updated actually do:


To put it simply, you can now add URL links to a story. And while it might sound simple, links are godsends for marketing, since it lets you actually leave the app ecosystem. That means you can now lead people to your blog, site, Patreon or whatever else. And thankfully, Instagram thought about the visual aspect too – you’re not just posting the links, but can instead tap a “see more” button to visit it. This might be a problem, as you can’t see the link, but Instagram says it will check those. At first, the feature will only be available for verified accounts.


The second feature lets you tag other users in your Stories. With Mentions, you can tap on a picture or video of your Story to add text and use @ plus a username to add a user profile. Now people who see your story can tap on that username and visit that profile. Like Links, Mentions can be very useful for marketing, especially when building networks. Up to ten people can be added in a Story and the feature is available to everyone.


Last but not least, the Boomerang app is now usable in Stories. Boomerang lets you create one-second looping videos, which can now be added to Stories without leaving the Instagram Stories app. It’s a crazy new addition, but it does improve usability.

Pic: ©Tumisu
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