Google Announces New Low-Code App Maker


In response to the ever-growing demand for apps, Google is launching a tool that lets you make them with little programming knowledge. The service, called App Maker, is mainly focused on business solutions, but it could also suit startups or teams of freelancers.

App Maker is not revolutionary in and of itself. There are other “low-code” services that let you build apps from scratch, like App Cloud from Salesforce and PowerApps from Microsoft, among others. They are all meant to let you create simple things, like tracking your time or inventory. These products have three main selling points – the apps are customizable, require little to no prior developing knowledge and cost much less than if an external company makes them. Like Google says, it’s “for businesses that need something simple that makes their life easier and don’t have the money for a full-fledged app”.

So, what advantages does Google offer? First of all, they provide the infrastructure. Apps built with App Maker run on their data centers (same as Gmail and Google Drive). Secondly, and probably most importantly, the new service can be integrated with the entirety of Google’s infrastructure. That means Gmail, Drive, Maps, Docs, Translate and several other well-known products from that lineup. Using drag and drop widgets, the new product focuses on simplicity, but can also be customized with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.

Google’s App Maker is not live yet, but the company is taking applications for early access from companies that use the Business tier of G Suite (previously known as Google apps).

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