Samsung is killing the Galaxy Note 7 for good, new update prevents charging


The sad story of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is coming to an end, slowly but surely. After multiple reports of the phone catching on fire and the company pulling it from stores and production, Samsung is making one last radical step to kill it. A new update, to be released December 19th, will stop the phone from charging and render it incapable to place calls.

For some reason, 7% of the people in the US who bought a Note 7 have not returned it, despite the well-known explosion hazard. That percentage translates to roughly 130,000 phones still out there. Airports have banned them. Samsung has already restricted them from charging past 60 percent in the US. And users receive a recall pop-up every time the screen is turned on. Still, some people seem intent on keeping their Note 7s. Again, these phones may explode when charging due to an engineering error.

In light of all that, Samsung is taking its most radical step yet. The newest update, which is set to issue on December 19, will “prevent US Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices”. Why Samsung didn’t do this earlier (the last recall of replacement units which had the same defect was in mid-October) and why this is only happening in the US are questions that, as of now, remain unanswered.

However, even this drastic measure might not be a complete success. Verizon for one, is against it. As a carrier, Verizon determines which updates go out to their customers. The company has said that it will not be taking part in the update, because “in the heart of the holiday travel season” they don’t “want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation”. Let’s just hope no more Note 7s explode then.

Pic: ©pexels
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