Google spins off self-driving cars tech into new company


We all know Google has been working on driverless cars for quite some time now, but a new development indicates that the tech might be ready for the market. Last week, Google announced it is spinning off its car division into a new company called Waymo. What can we expect?


Waymo wants to build software, not vehicles

First and most importantly, Waymo is stressing upon the fact that it will strive to build software rather than cars. We are a self-driving technology company,” CEO John Krafcik said. So, no, we won’t be seeing those cute and weird looking Google cars on the roads of the future. Waymo already has a potential partner in Fiat Chrysler, which signed a deal with Google back in May.

Spin-off indicates maturity

Until now, the self-driving cars and the technology behind them was part of Google’s “moonshot division”. This is where the company pursues futuristic ideas, like spreading internet across the world via giant balloons. The point is, Google now obviously believes in their self-driving tech so much that it deserves its own company.

Some have argued that Google is too late in bringing Waymo to the market. Competitors such as Uber, Tesla, Ford and General Motors have already set dates for a self-driving car launch over the next few years. But Google is not a company you can simply write off. This is one of the biggest and most innovative giants in tech we’re talking about. And it has been working on self-driving cars since 2009.

If anything, Waymo probably has a bright and exciting future ahead of itself. One thing is for certain – self-driving cars are coming and they look to be coming sooner rather than later.

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