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The top ten smartphone apps of 2016 by the numbers

Which smartphone apps had the most users in the past year? Nielsen just published the data from 2016, showing how many unique users the most popular apps had. Think you have the answer? A lot of your hunches are probably right, but a few might of the top spots surprise you.

 The big blue F managed to take both first places – Facebook (146 million users) and Facebook Messenger (130 million) have become an essential part of today's smartphone. And that wasn't always the case. As some of you will remember, there was a huge uproar back when Facebook decided to separate its two apps. But that's all in the past, with Messenger even managing to grow by 28 percent in the past year.

And after Facebook? Unsurprisingly, it's another huge name that takes every spot from number three all the way up the number seven. Did you guess it? Yes, it's Google – with YouTube, Maps, Search, Play and Gmail, in that order. It shouldn't come as news to anyone that Google is one of the overlords of mobile – after all, they also make the most popular OS for smartphones too. Out of all Google apps, Maps and YouTube saw the most growth year over year, by 22 and 20 percent respectively.

The last three spots are where it gets interesting. Instagram has managed to make it to the number 8 most popular smartphone app, boasting almost 75 million users. And it was the second fastest growing app, increasing its numbers by more than a third in just one year. Apple Music took place number 9 with a healthy growth of 20 percent and Amazon rounds the list up. The app of the e-commerce giant rose in the ranks by growing at the most rapid pace of anyone in this top 10 list and added 43 percent new users in 2016.
Pic: ©Mohi SYED
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