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HTC sales fall to 12-year-low, but there’s still light at the end of the tunnel

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has been having troubles for a while. At the start of 2016, the company announced a drop in sales, equal to roughly one third compared to 2015. This year, the losses appear pretty much the same, with a 35 percent loss compared to the already weak 2016.

According to Taiwanese news channel Focus Taiwan, HTC reported sales of 2.44 billion US dollars for 2016, which would be the lowest number the company has posted since twelve years. HTC has been struggling for a while and the quality of their smartphones has seemed to suffer from their economic troubles, too.

There are two things that HTC seems to be putting its money on right now – the first one is Vive, the company’s VR headset. It was released last year and has also been turned into a subsidiary. The reason behind it could be an effort to save a potentially great and winning product by somewhat separating it from a troubled company. However, as far as the masses are concerned, VR has yet to reach the market. It’s a much hyped technology, sure, but it’s definitely not a mass product. That casts some doubts on the short-term financial viability of the Vive.

Another product that might be a saving grace for HTC is the Google Pixel. Although it has the Google branding, it’s basically a Nexus built by HTC. As such, the Taiwanese company could be looking forward to some much-needed profit from Google.
And last but not least, HTC is due to release a mobile phone of its own. According to Focus Taiwan, a reveal is expected on January 12 and will be a big-screen phone that tries to take advantage of the niche left by the inglorious departure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Pic: ©hawkHD
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