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The 4 most exciting announcements CES 2017

One of the most innovative and interesting trade shows the tech world has to offer just came to an end last weekend. And boy, it didn’t disappoint. We saw products that have the potential to change our ideas about technology in the coming years. Here are our 4 top products from CES 2017:


1. Faraday‘s FF 91: the car of the future

You’ve probably heard about the FF 91, it’s the newest, biggest hype in car tech. It looks as futuristic as a car can get: Door handles are replaced by motorized doors, keys by facial recognition, mirrors by cameras, gasoline by electricity and drivers by tech. If you know someone who is excited by cars and tech, they’re excited by the FF 91.

2. Nokia’s first Android smartphone

The Nokia 6 has been officially unveiled by the Finnish company HMD global. It runs the latest Android Nougat, has a 5.5-inch full HD display and looks pretty neat with its metal touches on the side. Unfortunately for many Nokia phones, the Nokia 6 will only be available in China for now, costing 250 US dollars.

3. LG unveils “Wallpaper” TV

LG unveiled a TV that’s 1/10 of an inch thick. The W-series can be mounted on a wall via magnets at the bottom and two keyhole-style locks at the top. All the hardware is packed inside what people call a soundbar – which is basically the TV’s hub plus its speakers. A 65-inch version will begin shipping in March for 8000 US dollars.

4. Razer three-screened concept laptop

Razer’s project Valerie is a laptop with three 17-inch screens. Aimed at high-end designers and professional gamers, Valerie is meant for people who want a multi-screen experience which is also easily portable. At 1.5 inches of thickness, the laptop is something we’ve never seen the likes of before.

 Pic: ©CES
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