Twitter wins 9 million new users, the most since early 2015


The social network with 140 character-messages has reported a surprisingly high user gain in the first quarter of 2017. The additional 9 million monthly active users have surprised Wall Street estimates and stock is up by 10 percent.

The new nine million monthly active users now add up to an active user base of 328 million, which is still way behind Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, this growth has surpassed a lot of expectations, as Twitter hasn’t been able to rake in so many new users since the first quarter of 2015.

The reason for Twitter’s resurgence in user growth might very well be the social media activity of Donald Trump. As the new president of the United States has often taken to Twitter, surpassing traditional media channels, a lot of new people are probably making accounts to keep track of the political discussion on the platform: “There is some evidence that we benefited from our new and resurrected users following news and political accounts in Q1, particularly in the U.S.,” Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto told CNN.

However, the growth might not just be coming from the president’s love for Twitter. The social media has been constantly pushing out updates and putting an increasing focus on video with small tweaks. Additionally, fighting abuse has also been a focus of Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO. And while sales are still stagnating, falling to 548 million USD for 2017’s first financial quarter, users have always been the main selling point of Twitter. At least that’s how Wall Street has been continuously seeing it – Twitter’s stock rose by 10 percent after the results for Q1 2017 were posted.
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