Amazon new AI Gadget - A Helper or a Spy?


As Alexa is now installed into everything, Amazon is apparently happy to take it one step further. Think an AI with microphones always listening in your home is a bit scary? Let’s add a camera onto that. Out comes the Echo Look, a gadget that seems to be a refinement of the Echo to help you take selfies.

So what is the newest gadget in the Echo lineup? It’s essentially what the regular Echo was – a smart speaker with Alexa integrated within. Now, however, there is also a depth sensor and a camera. “Alexa helps you with thousands of things. And now she can help you look your best”, Amazon’s commercial for the gadget explains.

Is this just a glorified selfie stick for 200 dollars? Not exactly. Amazon does emphasize the social aspect of the device, saying it will help you take “clean photos that are easy to share with friends”. However, the Look also has a big focus on style. With machine learning and advice from experts, Amazon says, the Look will be able to recommend and rate outfits.

According to TechCrunch, the Look is a way for Amazon to get into the market of selling clothes. Not only will the Look rate your wardrobe, it will also helpfully recommend you buy fashion pieces that fit with your style – presumably, with an Amazon link attached.
The e-commerce giant has been revolutionizing the market for a while and has been able to make waves with some of its innovative products. Alexa, especially, has been a breakthrough for the company. The company also shattered Wall Street’s expectations last week, reporting 1.48 US dollars per share – analysts were expecting a much lower number (1.12 USD).

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