The Real Reason behind Amazon’s Offline Bookshop…


Amazon, the world’s virtual shopping centre for everything has been labelled as the “killer of bookstores” more than once in the past. Now, the company has opened one for itself. But just why is Amazon selling books offline in New York?

For starters, the new shop offers a little bit more than the sign “amazon books” would lead you to believe. It also sells other Amazon products, like the Kindle. And yes, even some that are unrelated to books, such as the smart speaker Echo. But it does also have books – around 3,000 titles, in fact.

That’s pretty much where the similarities with traditional bookstores end. For one, there aren’t any prices. To find out how much a book costs, customers have to scan its cover. And prices will vary depending on whether you’re a member of Amazon Prime or not. Additionally, this might open up a lot of new possibilities for Amazon to use the data it gathers from online purchases to set up dynamic prices. Bonus weirdness – the store only accepts digital payments, no cash.

The sections in the new store are also of the non-traditional variety. There is stuff like “Books Kindle Readers Finish in 3 Days or Less” and “Fiction bestsellers in New Yorks City”. Again, utilizing the vast amount of data that Amazon has, it is able to deliver interesting and local recommendations. Plus its store also features recommendations like you would see on the website.

Amazon’s new bookstore is different, even weird in some ways. But does it make sense business-wise? Apart from not knowing what scale Amazon is playing around with when it comes down to amount of stores, it is difficult to imagine that direct profit is at the focus of this newest enterprise.

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