DJI’s Spark: The Drone That Fits in Your Hand.


The world’s biggest drone company, DJI, unveiled what might be the world’s smallest commercial drone this week. It’s called the Spark and weighs half a pound (about 230 grams). It can also move by following the gestures of your hand. All of that for just 499 dollars – the Spark might be what pushes drones into the mainstream.

Who is The Spark targeted at? Taking into consideration the price and its small size, this drone is clearly meant for a wider audience than just tech enthusiasts. At the core of the drone is the camera. The Spark can take videos in full HD and photos. At 12 MP, the camera is not meant for super professional pictures, rather for the everyday use.

DJI’s director of strategic partnership Michael Perry says the tiny drone is for “anybody who has a personal story to tell. People that use cell phones to post stuff to Instagram or Snapchat. It's just really a new way of telling a bigger story about your life”, he told the CNN.

“Gesture Mode” is an interesting extra touch for this drone. It is meant to be set into flight from your hand and automatically orient where it goes to by following the movements of your hands. For more accuracy, an app for phones and a dedicated remote are available. The Spark can reach 400 feet of altitude and senses obstacles from up to 16 feet away, the company says. The drone can fly 16 minutes in one charge – impressive for its size – and also has a microUSB port for recharging.

If everything until now didn’t convince you that DJI’s Spark isn’t the ideal drone for the masses, get ready for the real kicker. The drone’s available in five colors – White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. Nothing says mainstream more than a good color palette!

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