Apple to Unveil ‘Echo’ Clone


Rumours that Apple is building a device to compete with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home have been circulating for a while, but they have officially reached their peak. According to Forbes, Bloomberg and other reputable tech sources, Apple’s new device is not only real, but might also be unveiled as soon as this week.

According to Bloomberg, Apple employees have been testing a home speaker device with Siri for several months now. And late last year, the speaker had reached its advanced prototype stage. Additional details, such as the company supposedly manufacturing the speaker (Taiwan’s Inventec), seem to give credibility to the rumors.

And honestly, why shouldn’t Apple be jumping on the home speaker trend? Amazon has had amazing success with it. So much so that there are several devices stemming from the original smart home device idea carrying the Amazon brand – the three speaker sizes, a device with a screen and one with a camera. Being late to the party has not seemed to be an issue for Apple in the past – the Apple Watch was arguably very late, but today it holds the number one position in the market. So why not attempt the same with a Siri-powered speaker?

Last but not least, Apple is scheduled to host the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in just a couple of days – starting June 5th. The last time Apple presented hardware at WWDC was in 2013 where the cylindrical Mac Pros were first unveiled. That might have not really worked out for the company, but it certainly shows that it’s not afraid to push hardware and not only software at its big event.

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