Android Co-Founder Launches the ‘Essential Phone’


Andy Rubin, one of Android’s co-founders, has unveiled an intriguing new high-end smartphone. The Essential Phone is new stab at making a successful modular phone, one which you can attach additional parts to. The beautifully-designed phone costing 699 USD will have it tough in a heavily saturated market.

Looking at the Essential Phone, there are a couple of things that you’ll notice straight away. First, it aims to have as little bezel as possible – the edge-to-edge display is only interrupted by the front-facing camera in the top middle of the screen and a very slight bezel on the bottom. At 5.7 inches, the screen is slightly bigger than the standard iPhone 7. Another thing you’ll notice straight away is the lack of any branding – no logos and no other sign as to who the phone is built by.

There’s also no headphone jack and the phone’s case is built of titanium and ceramic. That could make it a bit tougher than the standard aluminum that both Apple and Samsung currently use for their flagships. One of the most important features however, are the magnetic alignment pins on the back. This is where you clip the so-called mods.

So far, Essential has unveiled two mods – a 360-degree camera and a charging dock. The first one will be shipped with the phone, the second you will have to buy extra. Modular has been somewhat unsuccessful in the past, with both Google’s project Ara and the LG G6 failing to meet expectations. Motorola is arguably one of the only companies that have made it work with the Moto Z lineup. Could the Essential phone be next? Maybe. It is unlikely to be a huge hit right away, but it’s an extremely good-looking, well-designed phone, albeit on the high-end of pricing – that’s a good start.

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