The Biggest E3 2017 Announcements


The biggest yearly gaming expo didn’t disappoint in 2017. We saw so many announcements at this year’s E3 that we really had a hard time picking the best ones. But a couple of days have passed, the dust has settled and we’ve finished our list of top E3 announcements of 2017:

1. Xbox One X

The biggest reveal just has to be the newest Xbox console that was unveiled at the event. Microsoft is marketing the Xbox One X as the most powerful console ever. With a price tag of 500 USD, it does look like a beast, tech-wise, optimized for 4K gaming. But as the Forbes points out, specs don’t sell consoles, games do. So the verdict is still out on this one. 

2. Mario meets Rabbids Kingdom Battle

In what might look like a pretty weird mash-up at first, Ubisoft and Nintendo have teamed up to bring us a turn-based RPG featuring everyone’s favorite Mario characters. This is one of the big titles for the Switch in 2017 and it does look pretty exciting for fans of both franchises.

3. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

This was a title that everyone knew was coming, but is still pretty exciting. Bethesda announced an addition to its Wolfenstein series, which, if it as good as its predecessors, is going to be one of the strongest games of the year.

4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC

EA’s newest Battlefront also seems to have a lot of fans excited. But what do you expect, it is a Star Wars game after all – the name alone is enough to produce headlines. And while the previous Battlefront was somewhat disappointing, EA seems to be improving the game a lot with this DLC.

Check out IGN for even more great announcements from this year’s E3!
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