​Meet the New & Improved Surface Pro


Microsoft has introduced its new tablet-but-actually-a-laptop. And while it might look pretty much the same as its already two-year-old brother the Surface Pro 4, the new device doesn’t disappoint. If anything, sticking to the design just shows that Microsoft doesn’t need to change yet – it already knew how the perfect Surface should look two years ago. And that hasn’t changed.

Is it a plane, a laptop, a tablet? That question is trickier to answer than it seems. “This really is the laptop. This is how people want to use it; it’s how they’re using it”, Microsoft’s Panos Panay, who is head of the Surface team says. And, indeed, the new device’s tagline is “the most versatile laptop”. Strangely enough, it’s apparently a laptop that doesn’t come with a keyboard by default – it will cost you at least an extra 130 USD. And the Pen now also costs 100 bucks on top.

Rants about the external add-ons aside, the new Surface Pro seems to be a pretty good device. Starting at 799 USD for the version with 4GB of RAM 128GB, it goes all the way up to 16GB of RAM and an SSD with 512GB for a whopping 2,199 dollars. One of the better news – Microsoft has stepped it up in the battery life department. According to Dan Seifer who reviewed the Surface it for Circuit Breaker, it lasts up to seven or eight hours of regular use, which is a significant improvement from the old one’s four to five hours.

One of the most surprising things about the new Surface Pro is that most of its models are completely without internal fans. That means they don’t make any noise whatsoever and still don’t appear to overheat. So, overall, Microsoft knows what it wants for the Surface and keeps making good updates in the right places although the devices are getting more expensive as that happens.

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/15/15804114/microsoft-new-surface-pro-2017-review-laptop-tablet-windows
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