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  • Google Buys Hand Gesture Recognition Company Flutter


    Google has recently acquired Flutter, a company that created software which allows you to control various programs with a simple hand motion with nothing else but your webcam.

  • Samsung to introduce smartphone with curved display in October


    The leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung is bringing out a new device in October, which will feature a curved display. Although details about the new device are unclear, the tech world is trembling with expectation.

  • Twitter introduces emergency alert system


    Social media site Twitter is building up on previous disaster response efforts and rolling out an app called Twitter Alerts. It is supposed to warn users of emergencies, allowing them to act accordingly.

  • BlackBerry to be taken over in a $4.7bn deal after years of struggling


    Everyone saw it coming, but it still caused major uproar in the technology world – a giant, one of the pioneers in the smartphone industries, BlackBerry is selling its business after reports of yet another highly disappointing quarterly report.

  • NEW TO FREELANCERMAP: Our new menu bar!


    Brand-new and very sticky! Did you already recognize the new menu bar on our portal?

  • Facebook “Likes” protected by the First Amendment, court decides


    A case from 2009 that has been watched closely by defendants of free speech has finally been closed. A federal court came to the decision that a “like” on Facebook is considered free speech and as such is protected by the First Amendment of the American Constitution.

  • ´Grand Theft Auto V´ breaks sales records in the video game market


    One of the most anticipated video games in the year finally came out this week and it did so with a splash. ´Grand Theft Auto V´ has sold tons of copies, raking up $800 million just one day after release.

  • Apple Releases iOS 7 featuring major changes


    The new operational system for your Apple devices is finally here – as of September 18th Apple has launched the iOS 7 update for free. The update features a lot of interesting new feature as well as improvements to some old ones.

  • Apple unveils two new iPhones, the 5C and 5S


    Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new products of the company on Tuesday, presenting not one, but two pieces of Apple technology. For the first time since the launch of the iPhone back in 2007, the company introduces two handset devices at the same time, the top-end iPhone 5S and the less expensive iPhone 5C.

  • Tech Giants fight against the NSA


    Months after the tech world was taken by storm by the accusations regarding NSA surveillance, some of the biggest tech companies are still fighting against the NSA in an attempt to negate the bad publicity which surrounds them since then.

  • Tablet Shipments will surpass PC’s by the end of 2013


    Tablets are gaining in popularity and they will soon overshadow personal computers, research firm IDC predicts. Tablet devices are expected to have more shipments than PC’s in the last quarter of 2013, surpassing them annually in 2015.

  • Small Mexican village creates own mobile service for $1.2 per month


    The Mexican village Villa Talea de Castro with a population of 2,500 was simply too small for the big telecom companies in the country and only got refusals when the villagers asked for a mobile service. This is why the population of the “financially unviable” village set up their own service, which proved to be much more viable for the locals.

  • Smartwatch Galaxy Gear unveiled, a $299 phone companion


    Samsung has finally introduced the much anticipated Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, but it might not be what most people expected. At a price of $299, the Galaxy Gear is not a phone, but rather a companion device.

  • Microsoft to buy Nokia’s mobile business in a $7.2 billion deal


    Microsoft is heavily focusing on mobile and strengthens its positions in the mobile market in what will be one of the biggest tech deals lately. For the sum of $7.2 billion, the company will be buying Nokia’s devices and services business in the first quarter of 2014.

  • Apple’s iWatch vs Samsung’s Galaxy Gear – Battle of the Smartwatches


    The smartwatch era appears to have finally come. Two tech giants are driving it forward – Apple and Samsung. Here’s what we know about the two upcoming products, which will decide who will gain the upper edge when it comes to this next-gen technology.

  • Facebook reports 38 000 government requests for six months


    In an attempt to reduce the negative publicity surrounding Facebook after the NSA scandal, the company has revealed the number of government requests for the first half of 2013.

  • Microsoft CEO to leave, bookies already placing odds on replacement


    Steve Ballmer will step down as Microsoft CEO within the next twelve months, the company made clear in a statement. After more than a decade, who will be the next person to take charge of one of the most powerful tech giants in the world? You can now literally place your bets.

  • Facebook wants to get the whole world online – philanthropy or just business?


    Mark Zuckerberg’s newest idea, aims at providing the whole world with internet access. This has caused some drastically different opinions. Some call him a philanthropist who is fighting for internet access as a human right. Others see him as a businessman wanting to get his hands on every future internet user in developing countries.