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  • Don’t expect privacy when sending to Gmail, Google says


    Google is facing a lot of criticism due to a recent class-action lawsuit, alleging Gmail of illegally scanning emails. To protect itself in court, the company brought up the argument that any user sending to Gmail “has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over to third parties.”

  • Software Ubi turns any surface into a touchscreen


    The Ubi Interactive Startup has come up with an amazing piece of software. At the price of 149$ it can turn any surface you desire into a 45-inch touchscreen. Cooperating with Microsoft, this piece of technology could finally be a breakthrough moment for Windows 8 and the Kinect.

  • Mobile market: Android as strong as ever, Windows Phone’s sales soaring


    Apple’s iOS and Android are still the top players in the smartphone market, market reserach firm IDC reveals. But Apple is losing market shares to Windows Phone, which posted a massive leap in sales and had the highest year-over-year unit volume increase.

  • Whatsapp launches voice messages


    Whatsapp has finally added a feature many of its competitors already had – voice messages. The company has reportedly worked on the upgrade for half a year, trying to make it as smooth as possible.

  • Groupon is back on track and with a new CEO


    Discount offers will keep on coming from Groupon as the company revenue exceeds expectations and Eric Lefkofsky permanently gets the CEO position.

  • New to Easy profile upload from LinkedIn and Xing!


    Time is money – and this applies for freelancers too. For this very reason we have put our heads together to find new features to shape the profile upload and profile marketing for our users on Our solution: The automated profile import from LinkedIn and Xing!

  • New to Video archive.


    Our team is always willing to help and assist its customers while using for their project acquisition or recruitment activities. Based on the most common support issues, we now have created some tutorial videos which explain our general features step by step within short sequences.

  • Facebook rolls out embedded posts to share with the whole Internet


    Facebook is rolling out yet another new function – embedded posts. The company traditionally opened up the feature for just a few companies at first, but soon everyone might be able to embed public Facebook content on their website or blog.

  • Moto X released, voice and motion control is where it’s at


    Motorola has unveiled its new product – the first smartphone fully designed and built by the company since Google bought it last year. So what’s the new device all about? Short answer –less touching and more customization, long answer – read below.

  • Samsung’s Galaxy places first in customer satisfaction study, beating the iPhone


    The best smartphone is currently being manufactured by Samsung, at least according to a recent survey released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). 4,112 phone users from the US decided that Samsung deserves the top place.

  • Google introduces Chromecast, a $35 streaming device for TV


    A low cost gadget from Google called the Chromecast has surprisingly taken the world of tech critics by storm. The simplicity of the device is what makes it so good.

  • UK “pornography” filter blocks more than initially thought


    When the UK announced it’s thinking about setting up an internet filter, which targets internet pornography, many were in uproar. However, it now appears the filter also blocks various sites referencing violence, suicide, eating disorders, terrorism, tobacco and probably more. Some say the UK has gone too far in their censorship proposal.

  • Microsoft loses $900 million because of unsold Surface RT tablets


    Last week, Microsoft posted their quarterly report. Although they had solid earnings, analysts expected more and the company suffered for not fulfilling these expectations. As if that weren’t enough, there are apparently 6 million unsold Surface RT tablets.

  • Reddit users send out tenths of pizzas to a cancer-stricken girl


    When the mother of Hazel Hammersley, a two year-old lying with cancer in the hospital, taped a sign reading “Send Pizza” to the window of her daughter’s room, she might not have expected much.

  • One year Marissa Mayer, how Yahoo has changed


    It has been an event-filled year for Yahoo, since Marissa Mayer went from working at Google, to being the company’s new CEO. Mayer has been working hard on multiple fronts, but the most important one is called acquisition.

  • Nokia Lumia 1020 packs a whopping 41-Megapixel Camera


    The new flagship Windows Phone is out there and it has a clear focus with its camera, whose camera boasts more 41 megapixels – three times more than the best smartphone rivals currently on the market.

  • New to IT-event calendar


    Trade fairs, Congresses, Trainings and Seminars – especially for IT-professionals it is an essential part of their daily “job routine” to stay informed about news and market trends.

  • Apple found guilty of conspiring to raise ebook prices


    Five major publishers have been conspiring with Apple against Amazon’s low cost ebooks. US Federal judge ruled on Wednesday, that the company was not only involved in fixing prices, violating the antitrust law, but played a “central role” in the decision-making process.