Project Engineering Manager - Bologna

Emilia-Romagna, Bologna


• 3-5 years previous experience in signalling projects
• Previous project management experience preferred
• Previous experience working on cross-functional teams
• Previous rail industry experience preferred
• Knowledge on Engineering tasks to be performed.

• Manage the technical contractual scope of the project:
o Be accountable for the customer acceptance of the project solution
o Manage the project technical risks and the corresponding mitigation plan
o Together with the Project Manager, in case of contractual scope evolution, rise variation order and manage it
o Validate the technical design choices with the peers and Solution Director
o Identify which are the applicable regulations in the customer country/city and ensure they are taken into account in project solution design
• Manage the project solution, meaning the customization and parameterization of the generic solution to meet Quality, Cost, Delivery and Performance (QCDP) commitments:
o Build and analyse together with the Project Architect, the project requirements database (PRD) and allocate requirements to System Program Manager (SPM), Project Industrialization Manager (PrIDM) and to Project Engineering team
o Act as a chairman of Project Change Control Board (CCB)
o Be responsible of the project design and application engineering activities
o Supervise Verification & Validation activities
o Be accountable for Engineering WP QCD
o Provide BOM
• PrEM is in charge of the complete validation of the Project Solution
• Functionally lead the project engineering team:
o Allocate Task(s) across Project Engineering team and ensure engineering activities follow-up
o Together with Domain / Metier Leaders and RC Project Engineering Metier / Domain Department Heads, define the project engineering team organization according to the project phase ( and as defined in the EMP)
o Deploy the applicable engineering process, methods & tools on the project
o Manage and participate in the evaluation of the project engineering team
o Share Environment, Health and Security (EHS) rules with project engineering team (receiving inputs from PM/Project EHS Manager/Coordinator or RC EHS Manager)
o Support assessment of the teams involved in project engineering activities, including the ones belonging to a different Regional Center.
• Verify Project Safety Case
• Manage the interface with the project core team:
o Provide all technical documents to the project core team members for the industrialisation, sourcing, installation, test and commissioning (product BOQ, architecture schematics, ...)
o Solve technical issues detected by different core team members
o During project warranty, coordinate actions to support resolution of pending technical issues following Project
o Warranty Manager (PrWM) requirements
o Support PrQSM to consolidate the REX of the Project and the Reliability Growth
Start date
24 months
(extension possible)
AJ Infosystems GmbH
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Account Manager Automotive Engineering
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