C++ Software Engineer w/experience with UNIX/Linux

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The Royak Group Inc.
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C++ Software Engineer

Searching for an experienced C++ Software Engineer, experience with Windows and UNIX/Linux. To build portable products that will run for the long term on tens of thousands of computers and Servers in hybrid environments worldwide, experience doing development in C++ for our hybrid Linux/UNIX/Windows applications.


Able to realize requirements together with your team mates.

Make a plan to design robust software ready for the enterprise.

Build the software based on the requirements, design patterns and your own best practices. You deliver software that includes unit tests, documented and is ready for test automation.

Implement features for a variety of platforms from UNIX and Linux to Windows and Mac.

Use strong and extensive development and debugging skills to analyze and correct operational issues.

Help the tester test your software and if necessary, help out by creating tests or by creating test tools.

Use your knowledge, intuition and especially your communication and troubleshooting skills to assist our support team in diagnosing and correcting customer issues.

Important skills and values

Smart and analytical.

Comes up with multiple strategies and is able to deliver.

Loves to learn and share knowledge.

Open mind for new things.

Team player that likes to work closely together with Customers, Support, Development, Testing and Product Management.

Strive to find the root cause of issues.

Proud that the software you deliver is right the first time.

Able to explain the impact of every change you make to the code to all other disciplines.

Have strong and extensive development skills that allow you to set up functionalities from scratch.

You understand that you are not writing code for the computer, but for a colleague who has to extend that piece of code further in the future.


High level of proficiency in C++.

Experience in writing portable code for UNIX/Windows.

6+ years of software development experience for the enterprise.

Proficient in UNIX/Linux libraries.

Proficient in working with Multithreading and memory management.

Experience with networking and caching

Experience in designing and implementing protocols is a preference.

Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills.

Able and willing to work remotely in a distributed team.


BA/BS degree

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