80% Remote: Orcharhino Consultant (f/m/d) for Romania

Timişoara, Judeţul Timiş


For our client we are looking for a Linux Consultant (f/m/d) with Orcharhino Know-How.

Start: asap
End: 31.03.23++
Consumption: fulltime
Location: Timisoara (Romania), 80% remote

What is the Ubuntu Client Service delivering to the client's internal customers:
- Develop, maintain and support the 2+1 latest Ubuntu LTS releases
- Developing tools, documentation and troubleshooting in the area of Linux operating systems
- Design, configure and maintain tools related to client's global Linux Client environment
- Design, implement and maintain client's Linux Client infrastructure (based on Docker, Puppet and UCM)
- Develop, maintain, support and enhance packages for the global Linux Client
Tasks for Linux Client Service consulting:
- Support for design definitions for the future Ubuntu Client Infrastructure
- Investigate switching Linux Client Service components to an Orcharhino environment (maintained by Linux Server team)
- Concept for current Linux Client Service infrastructure to split into legacy (old LTS releases) and modern (new LTS releases)

- Orcharhino knowledge (basic knowledge is ok)
- Expert in Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora)
- Experience with packaging on Linux
- Knowledge of Linux Server environments
- Good knowledge of configuration and deployment tools (Puppet, Landscape or Aptly)
- Good knowledge of scripting (Bash, Perl, Ruby, Python)
- Good knowledge of network infrastructure and Active Directory integration
- Good knowledge of client hypervisors (VMware Player)
Start date
9 months
(extension possible)
Nemensis AG
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Contact person:
Benjamin Walker
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