MERN web application - MVP

Copenhagen, Capital Region
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Create a MVP of a MERN application

Intro page like the style of, with ability to search (tags) for user pages and to sign up. See all standard users pages, but not all of a PRO-users pages.

Sign up page with profile-info. (Email, name, image, phone, country, free text field). Only name and email is mandatory.

Application to enable registered users to create a page with a headline, a short description and containing up to 5 external links, each with a headline and a short description. The page has a short, page name and maybe a user-defined picture or photo.

Each page must have own unique name on host (such as using base64 encoding or similar mechanism to generate the unique page name, generated when page is saved. The page name can be changed (system generated) by certain user groups depending on user role/level. No page names can be re-used after page deactivation except for the same page if it is re-activated.

Page also has external tags for search engines and visitor searches, sorting and grouping.

Each link on the page goes to its proper host/page but always opens a new tab. Each link can have a small preview image, but not too small to see what it is.

A link can also be an embedded video from rumble, google or some other video service. Embedded flickr image or other SoMe link also possible.

Each users sees how many visited his page and how many clicked his links. (To be expanded after MVP)

For admin: User management page, activate/deactivate user, change user type/role (3 user levels plus one admin), activate/deactivate pages.

Use css, ability to replace skin. No Google fonts or anything else from Google! See example of style we like:

Web application must be responsive, scalable, extendable, movable, and possibly containerized. All values are variables that an admin can change, including captions for language change of entire application

There will be at least 3 user levels but MVP has 1 (standard/entry/free) with:
Entry level user:
- Max 5 pages
- Max 5 links per page
- Max 50 words headline for page
- Max 100 word description per link
- Site ad will be displayed on top of page (admin decides ad)
- One autogenerated shorturl for page (such as
- One shortname hostname for short url (such as
- Simple click counter (+visual line or bar)
- Embedded video link in stead of page link is possible
Start date
1 months
(extension possible)
YansaTech ApS
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Contact person:
Johnny Lüchau
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