Unity expert needed in order to write an expert opinion on a unity software and a crm software

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About 2 years ago, I commissioned a company to develop a planning software for furniture construction using Unity.
Unfortunately, the company was not able to complete the project.
The same company has developed a CRM software to create contacts, orders and calculations.

A Unity expert is now being sought to provide an expert opinion on the software.

The problem with the planning software for furniture construction is the quality of the source code.
Since we are currently developing this software, the difference between the old software and the new software can be compared.

With the CRM software, analysing the source code is too time-consuming.
Therefore, the aim here is to describe the shortcomings of the software from the user's point of view. For example, it is not possible to print material lists because there is no button for printing at all.
In addition, the software does not work on tablets.

It is possible that the expertise will have to be presented in court.
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1 months
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Johannes Ellmeier
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