Ruby / JS Developer

Job type:
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Project description:
This project is archived and not active any more.
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We are looking for someone to join our team to help develop, build, and maintain our product. If you’re passionate about building a system to really help people grow their business, we’d love to chat!

17hats is an online service designed to help tame the chaos of running a small business by combining invoicing, customer quotes, contracts, to-do lists, client contacts, bookkeeping and more into one easy-to-use app. Rather than repeat all the stuff that makes 17hats so nifty, head on over to our website and check it out:

Required Dev Skills:
  • As much Ruby as possible
  • As much JS as possible (Knockout, Sammy, jQuery, etc)
  • Perl experience would be amazing… (we’re currently transitioning from Perl to Ruby)
  • HTML, REST, JSON, etc
  • Excellent debugging skills

  • Personality:
  • Simplicity enthusiast / problem solver (find the simplest solution to a problem)
  • Greater good / no ego (what’s best for the team, not for personal gain)
  • Sense of humor (the glue that keeps us working together harmoniously)
  • Humble & open minded (always open to new ideas and approaches)
  • Customer-centric (loves to help customers and others)
  • Positive & friendly (shows kindly interest and goodwill)
  • Self directed & dependable (trusted to provide what is needed without being managed)
  • Empathetic (ability to understand and share the feelings of others)

  • About Us:
    We are a small team of good-hearted folks with families, working really hard on a product that we’re very excited about. We’re committed to staying small and nimble, and we have this crazy belief that there are other good-hearted people out there willing to help us get a fair shot against the big corporate players. We hope that resonates with you.

    Working at 17hats means you’re collaborating with other A-players, so you won’t have to waste time with incompetent nincompoops. You’ll have the autonomy to direct your own work without being micromanaged. You’ll have the opportunity to flex your technical muscularity while building on your already impressive skillset. And you’ll be instrumental in dramatically improving the lives of self-employed people everywhere — if you’re like us, these people are your friends and family, and they need our help.

    Everybody on our team works remotely (US, Canada, and Europe) so where you live doesn’t really matter. That being said, we do need someone who can work California business hours (9am-6pm PST) and who is available for emergencies at night. If you live in the LA area, you are welcome to be in our cool office in Pasadena. Bonus points if you can curse in Dutch. Even more if you can do it in Canadian.

  • Great salary
  • Equity
  • Full family healthcare (if based in the US)

    Does this sound interesting? If so, please send a short email telling us about yourself and attach a resume?. Let us know what you can contribute to the team. We’d love to hear from you.