Data Scientist to help develop a claims automation solution

Mexico City, Mexico City


Claim Processing Automation Algorithms Medical Billing and Coding Machine Learning Data Pipeline


The goal of the project is the development and deployment of a health claims automation software in a big insurance company in Mexico.
We therefore need you to be based in Mexico City to meet with our client and interact in Spanish.

1. You will improve our OCR algorithms to extract textual information from scanned claims.
2. You will develop our NLP models for medical coding inference.
3. You will adapt the existing data pipeline to make sure the client’s data is correctly processed.
4. You will think about the best ways to test and deploy our machine learning models at scale.
5. You will lead on site client meetings to make sure the models fit their needs and that their data is correctly leveraged.
Start date
5 months
(extension possible)
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Jennifer Khounnala
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