Regional Treasurer

Job type:
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Project description:
This project is archived and not active any more.
You will find vacant projects in our project database.
Purpose of the Job
  • Management of all treasury matters and policies, providing advice to business and Corporate on treasury implication of projects and statutory issues.
  • Responsible for the direction and management of the organization's treasury activities in the Region and any financial aspect with impacts on the treasury and treasury risks of the organization.
  • Perform, coordinate or provide leadership for a variety of complex financial activities.
  • Implement treasury initiatives throughout the regions in accordance with sound business practices and financial standards, Company goals, objectives and profit plans.
  • Monitor and report progress and completion of financial projects of major significance within the region and their impacts on the treasury
  • Ensure an efficiency within the regional treasury activities and follow up and analyze the results generated by this activity and participate in any efforts to reduce costs and increase profits
  • Provide financial and in particular treasury advice and support on issues of major significance for the businesses.
  • Ensure that the necessary financial support is available throughout the region for the businesses and for the optimum management of the subsidiaries within the region.
  • Manage the local banking relationships in coordination with the Corporate treasury.
  • Maintain regular contact and keep relationship with third parties such as financial institutions, public bodies, treasury colleagues and other member of the finance community.
  • Organisational Reporting
  • Direct reporting to Corporate Treasury
  • Indirect reporting: At domestic level to SSC regarding certain functions and to country finance directors
  • Internal: Business units, sectors, Corporate Treasury
  • External: Banks and other financial institutions, other Corporate Treasurers
Process Management
  • Ensure that the relevant corporate instructions are applied in the Region
  • Ensure maximum efficiency throughout the treasury functions within the region Financial Management
  • Cash Pooling & Management
    Cash pool schemes implementation
    Daily cash management
    Daily cash pool & funding
  • FX Management
    Support Hedge accounting and FIRST reporting
    On case by case basis; ESA file, FIRST and requests/cancellations/roll-over management
  • Bonds & PCG
    negotiate with the banks/sureties regarding domestic lines
    Assessment in terms of wording
    Full management of bonds below 2M and others following b&g department requests
    On case by case basis; BONGA management and fees calculation
  • IT Treasury systems implementation (Thetys)
  • Procedures and internal control
  • Budgeting (financial P&L)
    Actual follow-up
    Budget & forecasts
  • E-banking and ATWEB administration & bank communication management
  • Project Export Finance region support
  • Ensure that the Energy businesses and Transport businesses are supported during the integration (Ie E-banking profile changes, bank accounts, bond facilities, etc)
  • Maintain and reinforce close relationship with banks and other financial institutions at domestic and Regional level
  • Maintain regular contact with a broad network and colleagues to share trends and good practices.
  • Maintain and reinforce relationship with local authorities

  • Bachelor's Degree in finance or related field.
  • Master degree or MBA is preferred.
  • Alternatively, a special combination of education and experience and/or demonstrated accomplishments.
  • Experience (12-16 years) in Treasury
  • Expanded knowledge of a variety of Treasury concepts, practices, procedures and Treasury operations.
  • Good level of Accounting and tax knowledge
  • Excellent Communication skills/Influencing & Negotiation skills/Advisory skills
  • Decision making